Here's How Much It Costs To Repair Your Sagging Floors

Have your floors seemed a bit off lately? Well, if they look uneven or bounce with each step, you may be dealing with sagging floors. If this is the case, it's better to fix them sooner rather than later because foundation issues tend to get worse with time and create safety concerns. Additionally, fixing sagging floors is no DIY project, and you'll need to hire a professional to ensure it's fixed correctly the first time. But how much will this cost you? 

The price varies greatly depending on the reason for your sagging floors, but the average price tag is between $2,400 to $10,000. Experiencing a flood, having a pest infestation, or purchasing an old home are all reasons why your floors have become unsightly and unsafe. However, each issue has its own cost, and the type of flooring materials that need to be replaced is also a major factor.

Costs related to different types of damage

If you've recently experienced a flood resulting from a storm or a horrible leak, it's advised to replace the damaged subflooring as soon as possible. If you wait too long, your floors could end up sagging, and you'll have to hire a professional to repair the entire area, including the floor joists and support beams. This can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000.

On the other hand, those who suspect they may have a termite infestation should have a professional visit their property to prevent the termite colony from growing and further damaging their home. These tiny insects can chew away at your subfloor and weaken your foundation's overall strength. If this occurs, you'll be paying anywhere between $250 to $2,000 for termite removal and an additional cost for flooring repairs.

Sometimes, it's neither of these issues. If you recently purchased an older home, you could be dealing with deteriorating beams and support posts. In order to fix this issue, homeowners can choose to either replace the decaying materials or add additional supports to improve its strength. The average cost is $2,000 overall or $150 per joist.

Costs based on flooring material

Other than what caused the floors to sag, another major factor in costs pertains to the type of materials you'll use to make the repair. For example, repairing carpet can cost a homeowner $130 to $300. But if the damage is caused by water, that price shoots up to somewhere between $800 and $2,800. Now, if you're working with laminate flooring, replacement costs are typically around $1,500 to $4,600. But, if you can salvage the materials, your repair costs could be a mere $350. Repairing tile damage is also another expensive project ranging between $900 to $3,000.

If you have vinyl flooring, you may have noticed that the material has begun to rip due to the sagging support system underneath. Repair and replacement costs combined are around $1,250 to $5,500. Although repairing sagging floors can be a major headache, many homeowners use it as an opportunity to give their flooring an update while simultaneously repairing the support system.