Here's How Much A Wood Fence Repair Will Cost You

The icing on the cake of any great backyard is the quintessential American wooden fence. Meeting the needs of a homey aesthetic, sound security, and thorough privacy unavailable through options like iron fences, the wooden fence has become a go-to addition for homeowners of varying price points and styles. Due to its relatively low cost and minimal hassle to set up, it is a standout compared to its sleeker contemporaries, with the wooden fence among the most popular fencing options.

That said, wooden fences do have some drawbacks in terms of maintenance and the shelf life of using natural materials. Storms, physical damage, neighbor's pets — there are a number of outside forces that can damage them. Many homeowners are unsure what kind of costs these damages will entail, so let's break down the range of work required in repairing these types of structures. When getting the best rate, it is also handy to know how to navigate the process of comparing costs.

High end and low end repairs

Approximating the cost of a wooden fence job depends on a variety of factors. Fence cavities and crevices fall on the lower end of repair costs. Patching these up can usually go for around $250 and are relatively simple to fix. A slat or piece replacement is another example of an easier undertaking and will typically only cost about $200. Although these mild fixes are not too costly, some wooden fence repairs become considerably more expensive.

For example, a leaning fence is a structural issue that requires more intensive labor and skills in order to correct the problem. These types of repairs can go anywhere from $500 to $800. When pieces are partially disfigured, destabilized, or the leaning is caused by an environmental matter, this kind of repair can be particularly tricky. Another type of costlier wooden fence repair is a gate. Whether the gate is jammed, suffering from a dysfunctional motion sensor, or another matter, anything with operating parts is going to be more extensive. Wooden gate repairs usually hover around $400.

Overhauls and labor costs

Cosmetic details, fence overhauls, and labor costs are three additional factors to think about when scheduling any type of wooden fence repair. Contact local contractors and ask them to verify their processes and services. By comparing several different vendors, you will have a much clearer idea of a fair market value for the help that you require and whose offers make the most sense. Like many home-related endeavors, referrals are always great, but don't be afraid of a second opinion. With wooden fence repairs, in particular, it is also important to take note of the type of wood that your fence is made out of. Cedar and pine are two of the more cost-effective choices, while a luxury finish like redwood is considerably more expensive due to its visually appealing nature and quality.

The most expensive type of wooden fence repair is, of course, a full replacement. A complete replacement will run anywhere from $2000 to $5000 and warrants considerable planning to figure out which materials and labor costs are most appropriate for your budget. Outside of a replacement and the repairs mentioned, always add a finish or stain to your repair costs. Even a minor fix might inspire a whole new finish for your yard that can quickly balloon the budget. This is a labor-intensive project, and one that homeowners often take on themselves, but to pay someone else to do it all will run a couple of thousand dollars.