The Secretive Murphy Door Trend Is The Perfect Way To Hide A Room In Your Home

Do you love the idea of magic and mystery? Have hidden passageways always intrigued you? What if you could incorporate a hidden hideaway in your home that's not only functional but adds an air of mystique to the everyday? The good news is this is a completely possible design option, thanks to secretive Murphy doors. You might have heard of Murphy beds, which can be folded into a wall when not in use to save space, but their doorway cousins are great for disguising spaces in a fun and inventive way.

Whether you want to include a little enchantment into your abode or need to hide a room that sits in an awkward area, Murphy doors offer you the chance to indulge your inner mystery lover. You don't need a large, expansive mansion to install one of these either since they can fit almost any opening and come in designs like bookshelves or cabinetry. Depending on the room you're covering, you can find just about any secret décor to disguise it that will also provide a useful surface for household items. The only question is, what is your Murphy door persona?

Why install a Murphy door?

If you've been looking for a way to conceal a particular room or space within your home (as in the above TikTok from @natethegreat07012), Murphy doors are the ideal solution to creating a "diversion" that looks more engaging than a standard door. While these are particularly fun for disguising passageways or storage areas filled with your valuable items, they can also cover day-to-day rooms that might not fit with your interior aesthetic or designs. For example, hiding an oddly designed closet or a poorly placed bathroom with a bookshelf can transform these spots from drab to fab.

Murphy doors don't just have to be functional, though it does allow them to serve a dual purpose. Some homes may feature smaller hallways or staircases that would benefit even more from a detective-inspired covering, and there's nothing wrong with being a little extra when it comes to decorating your dwelling. Door knobs are overrated — secret entrances are just more fun, and you can use the added shelving for numerous purposes, too.

Pick your style

Choosing a design for your Murphy door is half the fun, so let your imagination run wild. If you're bookish or like the traditional hidden passageway themes, a bookshelf is an ideal addition to swap your standard closet door with. Or, if your home features a powder room that sits on the ground floor near a high-traffic area, such as the living room or kitchen, you can opt for a Murphy door that blends in; for example, a spice rack model. Any model you get offers more texture than a door, with optional multilevel shelving, built-in shelving, or even a pool cue nook.

For more minimalistic décor, a simple mirrored Murphy door still hides whatever room you want to keep out of sight, and mirrors instantly open up a space thanks to the light reflections they provide, making them good for smaller spaces. You can also choose which direction you want the door to open, allowing it to swing inward or outward. The final bonus is the element of separation, keeping any room on the other side of the Murphy door enclosed, safe, and private until you want it discovered.