The Simple Under-Bed Storage Solution For Your Low Bed Frame

If you have a small bedroom with limited storage space, you know all too well how important it is to find creative storage solutions to keep your serene sleep space feeling organized and not cluttered. Furniture that does double duty is key, such as nightstands with drawers that can hide a few items out of sight or bed frames with built-in storage, such as drawers that slide out.

For those who don't happen to have a storage-packed bed frame, an easy solution is to slip boxes or bins beneath the bed, taking advantage of what would otherwise be unused space. Most frames have a reasonable space, giving you plenty of storage options. However, what happens with a very low bed frame without as much space underneath? You don't have to give up on squeezing in hidden storage — you just have to put aside the standard boxes and bins and look for something not specifically labeled as under-bed storage.

The simple tip — keep an eye out for wrapping paper storage cases. Like any other storage case, they come in different materials, so you'll find an option on the market whether you prefer something plastic or cloth. You still want to keep an eye on the height to ensure it fits under your specific bed, but in general, these storage cases tend to favor length over height since they're designed to store tubes of wrapping paper.

Further perks of wrapping paper storage cases

Wrapping paper storage cases tend to be flat and wide, allowing you to see what's stored within easily. Unlike deeper storage containers, where you might have two or more layers of items to dig through when searching for something in particular, wrapping paper storage containers are typically shallow enough that you only need to arrange one layer.

And, since most have one large main compartment for storing all those long tubes of wrapping paper, you can keep a wide variety of items. An average storage case can contain many smaller things, like socks or footwear, but there's also ample room to store larger seasonal pieces, such as winter coats. Additionally, since these cases are meant for gift-wrapping supplies, many will have separate pockets or compartments designed to store things like tape, ribbons, and bows, which can help corral tiny items you don't want to lose, such as spare buttons.

It's important to note that not all wrapping paper storage cases are created equal. If you've found a case with a zippered side that offers a lot of flexibility, you should have no issues repurposing it for under-bed storage. However, be wary of plastic storage cases with lids on the top that are designed to be stored vertically in a closet, as these could be a bit trickier to adapt for under-bed storage purposes.

How to decide on a material

So, you've determined the storage case height for your low bed frame and are ready to buy a few to help increase your storage space, but you're unsure whether to opt for plastic or cloth. Here are a few rules of thumb to guide your decision.

First of all, you want to figure out what you're looking to store. For most individuals, it'll likely be extra clothing and bed linens that can't fit into your small bedroom closet. However, textiles require specific considerations. If you're worried about humidity or moisture getting into your items or are concerned about pests, the most sturdy solution is plastic containers, as they'll protect against all of these things. However, if you have a sunny bedroom where the light is hitting the bins regularly, you may want to find darker wrapping paper storage cases to avoid your clothing and textiles becoming faded.

Another popular option for wrapping paper storage cases is fabric, often strengthened with a cardboard or thin plastic structure within the material. This isn't an excellent protective material. However, if you have hardwood flooring and you know you'll frequently be sliding the storage cases in and out from under your bed to access the items within, fabric-covered options may be gentler than plastic, which could scratch your floors over time.