Here's How A Towel Bar Could Totally Change The Functionality Of Your Laundry Room

If you have been looking for ways to make your laundry room even more functional, creating extra drying space is a great place to start. It can be hard to find room for all of your supplies, especially if your room already lacks floor space. Adding a towel bar where clothing can be hung to dry is a simple hack that might just be the easiest way to transform your laundry room into a functional workspace.

Not only is this an inexpensive trick, but it can also improve the room's aesthetic. First of all, you should consider how much drying space you need, then think about which design and style of towel rail will work best with your current decor. There are several different options for how to use this trick, but the results are always the same: your washing station will have more capacity to hang dry items and keep them fresh for the next use.

The ideal clothes hanger

Towel bars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but that is beneficial for you because you can pick and choose the best options for your laundry room. Adding more clutter to the floor in the form of drying racks will create less foot space, and if your washing area is already small, this is detrimental. As long as you have some open wall space where your washer and dryer are located, you can easily implement a towel bar to hang wet clothes.

You can also install bars or racks that feature multiple rungs to create more hanging space, alternatively, you could install a folding towel rack on the back of the door like the one shown above. The most important part of using this hack is to install it high enough that even longer pieces don't touch the floor — wet pieces can form mildew if left scrunched up, and even the bottom of a pair of pants or a long skirt can remain damp if not properly aired out.

Tips for making the most of this hack

Depending on your home aesthetic, even something as simple as a towel bar can lend an extra boost to the overall style of the laundry room. If your decor leans toward farmhouse chic, matte black iron bars are a great choice. Gold or brass bars look fantastic with mid-century modern aesthetics, and silver can be a good option for minimalistic designs. Wood always looks boho and inviting, however, it's good to consider how much contact this material will have with wet clothes — over time, wood can rot if it continuously comes into contact with too much moisture. 

Depending on how much wall space you have, longer racks or multi-level options might be needed to provide ample room for your items. To help your items dry faster, spread them out as much as possible on the bar. If the rack sits close to the wall some pieces may overlap, meaning they won't dry properly, in which case you can alternate clothes throughout the day.