These Bath Towel Folding Tips From TikTok Will Keep Your Space So Organized

One can never have too many bath towels, but at the same time, none of us ever seem to have enough closet space to store them. If you feel like you're drowning in an avalanche of bath towels every time you open up your cupboard or linen closet, then it's time to learn some space-saving bath towel folding tips. Towels are usually big and bulky (especially if they're soft!) so it's imperative to find an efficient way to fold them. If stored incorrectly, they will take up more room than they need to. And whether you live in a small studio apartment or a sprawling Tudor in the suburbs, everyone always needs more room. But rather than making upgrades to your bathroom by installing more shelving or closets, you can organize and store them more efficiently.

Luckily for us, there are a slew of professional and amateur organizers on TikTok who are more than happy to share their folding tips and hacks. In an effort to help you tackle your linen closet once and for all, we have rounded up some of the best towel folding tips from TikTok to keep your space neat and organized. Be excited — because these ideas are just that good.

Fold them into a pocket

After you wash your towels, fold them using this pocket fold method to create an organized linen closet. TikTok user TheFoldingLady demonstrates to followers how to fold a towel so that it has a built-in pocket to fold into. In the viral video, the folding expert lays a towel horizontally onto the table, and then folds one end of the towel under itself, which is later used as the "pocket." The TikToker then vertically folds the towel into three even sections. The towel is rolled down to its hem, and tucked into the pocket at the bottom. This creates a tightly compacted roll, which you can then stack into a basket or pack onto a shelf.

Under the video's comments section, TheFoldingLady reveals that she used to work in retail, so that was how she learned all of her folding techniques. If you fold your towels using this method, your linen closet will look just as tidy as a store's shelf display!

It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the knack of the folding method, it will be second nature. You will be so glad to have a system that actually works for your towels!

The Pocket Square

For those who prefer to have folded towels rather than stacked rolls, TheFoldingLady has a tutorial for you, too. In another viral video, the TikTok folding expert dubs this as "the BEST towel fold," and demonstrates how to fold the towel into a secured square. In the clip, the user mimics the exact same folding technique as for the pocket fold mentioned above, which includes tucking the bottom hem of the towel under itself and vertically folding the towel into three sections. But rather than rolling the towel down, the TikToker instead folds it into thirds, and then tucks its end into the remaining "pocket flap." This folding technique shapes the towel into a compact and flat square, and it ensures that the towel will stay neatly folded in the linen closet since it is secured inside a flap.

The 5-Star Hotel Hack

If you're all about your linen closet's aesthetic, then you will want to pay attention to this folding video posted by TikTok user Chantel Mila. In this video clip, Mila demonstrates how to fold your towels so they look like the expertly rolled towels stored on bathroom shelves in 5-star hotels. All you have to do is lay your towel down horizontally, and begin by folding one end of the towel towards the middle, creating a hypotenuse. Afterwards, fold the top of the towel down, so the entire thing is folded in half, creating a rectangle. Flip the towel over, and begin to roll it toward the end with the folded point. Tuck the point into the towel, and voila! You have a 5-star hotel roll.

You can then stack these rolls in your bathroom, or neatly tuck them away into a closet or cupboard. Either way, you won't mind seeing the stash since it's so neatly folded.

The Hand Towel

While hand towels are largely functional, they are also decorative. A bathroom's aesthetic can completely change when the hand towels are switched out and new styles or patterns are introduced. And while it's perfectly fine to hang them from a towel rack by the sink and call it a day, you can also level up their appearance by folding them properly. TikToker Chantel Mila demonstrate a favorite way to fold hand towels. These particular towels are displayed on a sink vanity rather than hung on a rod or hook. In the video, Mila tucks the top of the towel, which has a decorative fringe, under itself, and then proceeds to fold the hand towel vertically into thirds. This creates a "flap" at the top of the towel, thanks to the folded top. She then folds the bottom half of the towel into the center, and then folds the top half of the towel over that, revealing the fringe.

Hanging Towels

Hanging towels need a little TLC, too. If you have bath towels that hang from a rod in your bathroom, then you might be looking for a tidy way to hang them after you finish showering. These towels usually have a tendency to be hung sloppily, but you can now twist them into elegant knots instead. TikTok user Monica Brady demonstrates how to knot your towels like a tie after showering in this viral video. "They dry thoroughly and never smell," Brady assured followers. And it's really easy to do. 

All you have to do is pinch the corner of your towel, and drape it over the rod. Take that corner piece and wrap it around the hanging towel, much like you would do with a tie. Tuck the corner into the knot, and you're done. "It also allows you to hang more towels on this style rack," Brady included in the comments section. This is a great folding solution for people who have multiple towels on a rack and sometimes find it hard to fit all of them.

Try these TikTok hacks for folding towels, and your bathroom will look the neatest it's ever been. You will feel so stress-free every time you see how organized your towels are, and your guests will be pretty impressed, too!