Why Your Shower Drain Smells Like Sewage And How To Fix It

Waking up in the morning and walking into a bathroom that smells like sewage will likely put a damper on your day. This space is supposed to afford homeowners a relaxing atmosphere that generates a clear mind ready to tackle any challenges you may face when you leave your home. But this may prove difficult if the main thing on your mind is, "Where is that smell in my bathroom coming from?" The answer probably lies in your shower drain, which may be experiencing a leak. If this is the cause, your bathroom will likely smell like rotting eggs.

Leaks tend to occur if you have damaged valves or deteriorating pipes. To fix this issue, you'll likely need to secure any worn-down joints and replace parts of your pipe that have rusted. However, if you're sure leaky pipes aren't causing the issues you're facing, other problems could be creating that putrid smell.

Get that gunk out of your drain

A common and likely reason why your shower drain smells like sewage is because of a nasty clog. Things you'll typically find stuck in a shower drain are hair, dirt, soap buildup, and other grime that will accumulate and stop the smooth flow of water needed to maintain a healthy and functional drainage system. And not only does a clogged drain increase the risk of an awful-smelling bathroom, but if left alone for too long, it can trigger a pesky leak.

To solve this issue, we suggest attempting the tried-and-true method of yanking that gunk out with a drain snake. However, select a product with a hook at the end to execute an easy extraction. Another technique is pouring boiling water down the drain to dissolve the grime that has bound everything together. Those who need something more substantial can use a chemical treatment; however, follow the product's instructions closely to avoid accidentally eroding the lining of your drain.

How's your P-trap looking?

Another potential culprit for that awful sewage smell is your P-trap. This is a curved pipe found underneath your shower, and its main job is to always store a certain amount of water to prevent the gas from your sewer line from seeping into your shower and the rest of your drainage system. So, if you're smelling sewage, it's likely because your P-trap is not carrying enough water. One reason may be the infrequent use of this particular shower. If so, the water in your P-trap may have dried out. To solve this issue, allow the water to run for a few minutes to refill this pipe.

However, if your shower is used daily, there is likely a more significant issue with your P-trap. You may need to call a professional to evaluate the situation and decide whether it needs replacing or adjusting. But what if they tell you it's just dirty? To disinfect this pipe, pour half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of distilled white vinegar down the drain before covering it with a stopper. The bubbly reaction should break up grime so that you can rinse it away.