How Much Does It Really Cost To Repair Sagging Floors (And Who Should You Hire)?

Renovating your home to change its style or improve its appearance is one thing, but fixing unexpected foundation issues can put a damper on your mood and wallet. Repairing sagging floors isn't usually a quick fix, and can take several days or weeks, depending on the cause. In addition, the price can vary significantly, ranging from $1,000 up to $10,000 for severe structural damage. The average cost is around $300 per square foot. 

However, it's common for some homes to have uneven flooring, so you should call a floor repair specialist to get a proper assessment if you think yours might have an issue. Moreover, if it's water damage or foundation related, you should plan for repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Figuring out the cause is the first step, which will give you an indication of how much you should be budgeting, and you'll need to factor in the cost of repair, materials, and labor. 

Signs your floors are sagging

A few signs to look out for include gaps between the floor and baseboards, tilting or sloping floors, the door getting caught on the floor as you open it, or a dip as you walk on the floor. One noticeable sign is flooring that bounces or squeaking floorboards as you walk. On the other hand, some signs aren't as readily noticeable, such as gaps between the floor and the walls and in the corners of rooms. 

Since you might not pay attention to the baseboards as often as you'd like, sagging floors can creep past you, so, you'll want to check these areas if you notice any changes in the appearance or feeling of the floor. If you do suspect an issue then it is important to call a professional structural engineering company. Most structural issues can pose a safety concern for you and your family and will require specialist knowledge and tools to remedy.

Causes and costs for sagging floors

There are also multiple reasons your floors could be sagging. The most severe cause is a sinking foundation, which will cost between $2,400 and $10,000 to repair depending on the extent of the problem. Another cause could be water damage or flooding. If you've had issues with water damage before, you'll want to ensure you check the subfloor because rot and deterioration can weaken the subfloor. If you need to replace the subfloor, expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.

Other causes of sagging floors are termites and decaying joists. Termites will devour anything wood-related, so if they get into your subfloor, they'll eat away and weaken it. To remedy this, you'll have to fumigate your home and replace the flooring. The cost of repair will vary on how much the termites damaged the subfloor. In addition, fumigation will need to be handled by a specialist company, and depending on the size of your home can range between $2,000 to $8,000 for a 2,000-square-foot property.