The Best Products For Your Indoor Cat That Won't Ruin Your Home Aesthetic

We tend to sacrifice a lot for our pets. From growing only pet-safe plants in our home gardens to filling the corners of our living rooms with tons of different toys, your home may reflect your pets more than your own personal style. However, with some diligent internet sleuthing, you might be able to compromise with your furry friends to provide them with furniture, toys, and appliances that blend in with your chosen décor style. Long gone are the days of ugly fabric patterns, boring scratching posts, and hyper-realistic mouse toys. When you know where to look, you can find several great options in each category that look more like unique furniture pieces and home décor than pet products. The best part is that they are just as functional and enjoyable for your kitties.

In this article, we collected everything you need (and want) for your cat that will have your friends begging for the links. Giving up your immaculately styled home is a thing of the past. Each of these products is available in simplistic colors and designs that blend seamlessly with most décor schemes. Some are effectively camouflaged from your guests, while others provide a unique accessory to your existing furniture. Take a look for yourself and take back your style while still being the best cat parent you can be.

Best litter box

In small apartments and homes, you have limited choices when choosing where to put your cat's litter box. Instead of trying to hide it in a closet or allowing it to take up space in your bathroom, you can test out a cleverly disguised litter box that can be set out in the most obvious of places. Though there are many dupes available, The Original Hidden Litter Box is highly-rated, widely tested, and relatively inexpensive. On top of that, it also comes in three aesthetically-pleasing colors.

Get The Original Hidden Litter Box at Amazon for $70.

Best cat house

A multifunctional cat house is a must for pet parents trying to make their home a paradise for their kitties without sacrificing their personal style. Our favorite is the BirdRock Home Decorative Cat House. This cat house uses a simple design that you and your cat will both enjoy. If you're not a fan of the previous disguised litter box option, most regular litter boxes can fit in the house, or you can put a bed in there for private cat naps. The cat house and side table is available on Amazon for $60.

Best cat perch

Cat perches can be a difficult piece of furniture to buy. You want one that is affordable, sturdy, and cute. The PetPals Perch Cat Tree is made with jute and paper rope that meshes with almost any home aesthetic. One reviewer noted, "I love this cat tree! I was originally looking at [other] trees but with their crazy expensive prices, I came on here and found this. I assembled this in less than 10 minutes with little to no effort."

Get this PetPals Cat Tree at Amazon for approximately $130.

Best cat scratch

Many of the products we've shown you thus far work best with neutral color schemes, but what if you prefer maximalist and colorful aesthetics? This cat scratch is perfect for the bright and fun decorator that enjoys funky furniture. In two colorways and sizes, the Catinsider Cactus Cat Scratching Post is a sturdy and well-rated option for active cats. It's made with durable twisted sisal rope that attracts destructive kitties away from your furniture. This fun piece is available on Amazon for $30.

Best electronic toy

Interactive electronic toys are great for indoor cats who need a bit more exercise. However, most electronic cat toys are so ugly. If you're on the cat videos side of Tik Tok right now, you've likely seen the flopping fish toy that cats are going insane for, but it isn't the most aesthetically-pleasing option. Instead, consider the Cheerble Ice Cream Ball, which comes in matcha green, sea salt blue, and strawberry pink colorways. It features bright color-changing lights and three play modes for seemingly endless entertainment.

Get the Cheerble Ice Cream Ball at Cheerble for $36.

Best sustainable toy

The sustainable toy movement isn't just for children, it's for our fur babies as well. The Ripple Rug is a popular cat toy that our feline friends can't get enough of. Made with recycled plastic bottles, the durable and easy-to-clean rug provides exciting play. It allows your kitties to scratch, play, nap, and groom themselves. You can even hide treats and toys inside to evoke your cat's natural instincts. Even better, it comes in five neutral colors that allow you to incorporate it into your home's design.

Get the Ripple Rug at Snuggly Cat for $44.

Best tunnel

Cat tunnels are great for our small furry friends to hide, play, and nap in. However, many of the cat tunnels on the market are brightly colored with busy patterns and made of cheap fabric that is loud and not very durable. The Dreamsoule Cat Tunnel Bed is different as it uses suede and cotton to create a soft and attractive toy. Many of the pieces of the tunnel are also detachable for cleaning, so you can keep it looking and smelling nice for years to come.

You can get the Dreamsoule Cat Tunnel Bed at Amazon for $39.

Best catnip toys

If your cat loves catnip but you're tired of the mess, catnip-infused toys are the way to go. Your kitty will enjoy them as they can smell the potent plant leaves through the felt, and they can swat them around for some extra exercise. The Bento Box Catnip Lover Set by Sesame Cafe is hand-sewn and filled with organic catnip. Shaped like a bento box, the four-piece set includes a jumbo shrimp tempura, an onigiri rice ball, and two gyoza (Japanese potstickers) toys.

This Bento Box Catnip Lover 4 Piece Gift Set is available on Etsy for $30.

Best silvervine toys

Silvervine, which is also sometimes known as Japanese catnip, is similar to catnip in the way that it attracts them. When chewed on, silvervine toys can induce a euphoric state for your kitties which makes it a great alternative. The plant is safe, and the toys that are made out of it can benefit your cat's health. Chewing on silvervine toys, like the Meowijuana Silvervine Sticks, knocks tartar and plaque off their teeth which can freshen their breath and strengthen their sharp chompers.

Get Meowijuana Silvervine Sticks at Meowijuana for $10.

Best cat bed

Cat beds are readily available at your nearest box store. Yet, if you're looking for something a little more inconspicuous that compliments your home décor, something like the Frisco Eyelash Fur Elevated Cat Bed might be up your alley. The elevated cat bed uses a modern design with wooden legs and Long faux eyelash fur to create a cozy bed for your kitten. It's sold in two neutral colors to match your aesthetic, and the cushion is removable for cleaning days.

Get the Frisco Eyelash Fur Elevated Cat Bed at Chewy for $34.

Best cat hammock

Many cats prefer hammocks over beds, especially when they're positioned near a window for sunbathing. Available in beige, gray, or black, the Hatatapets Cat Hammock is a nondescript option that will blend nicely with your furniture. It is handmade in Ukraine with natural wood and cotton, and it's painted with a water-based varnish that is safe for pets. The seller recommends choosing a color option that matches your kitty's fur to reduce the visibility of pet hair on the fabric.

Get the Hatatapets Cat Hammock on Etsy for $69.

Best climbing shelves

Unless you are renting your home or apartment, mounting climbing shelves for your cats is a great way to provide them with more entertainment and out-of-the-way napping areas. The Armarkat Natural Wood Wall Tree Additions are among our favorite options. The hexagon-shaped shelves are created from solid poplar multi-layered boards and provide two sitting or sleeping areas. They also feature four holes on their sides for cats to wiggle their way through and two removable pads for added comfort.

Get Armarkat Natural Wood Wall Tree Additions at Wayfair for approximately $80.

Best food bowl

The best food bowl for your cat isn't a bowl at all. You need something wide and somewhat shallow to reduce whisker fatigue. It should also be elevated to cut down on neck strain, bringing the food closer to your cat's head. The Frisco Double-Sided Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowl is a good choice. It's simply designed to complement your home and make feeding time more enjoyable. The double-sided configuration allows you to try different angles to find the most comfortable option for your pet.

Get the Frisco Double-Sided Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowl at Chewy for $12.

Best automatic feeder

Automatic feeders can make a big difference in your routine and also your cat's health. If you struggle to feed your cat on time or provide them with the right size portions, Petlibro's Granary Dual Food Tray can help. It holds 5 liters of dry food and dispenses the portions at the times you decide. Different product versions provide single food trays, wifi compatibility, and even a camera. As a bonus, they're available in black or white to match your existing appliances.

Get Petlibro's Granary Dual Food Tray at Petlibro for approximately $90.

Best water fountain

If you recognize the Petlibro brand from the previous section, you are likely already familiar with their water fountains. Petlibro's water fountains found lots of popularity in the previous years for their aesthetic look and pet-approved design. The Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain, which features a stainless steel water tray, continuously moving water, and no wires, is a fan favorite. It filters the water for cleaner drinking, and it's extremely quiet. We also love that it's easy to assemble, which makes setting up and cleaning a breeze.

Get Petlibro's Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain at Petlibro for  $70.

Best lick mat

If you don't already have a lick mat for your kitty cat, it's time to make the jump. Lick mats are popular among dog parents who have seen the benefits, and cats can reap them too. These flat feeders are used by smearing liquid treats and placing food onto them. They make your cat eat slower, eliminate whisker fatigue, and stimulate the tongue. Our pick of aesthetically-pleasing lick mats is the Ptlom mats which are available in green, black, and gray leaf shapes. You can get them on Amazon for $11.

Best cat carrier

There are countless cat carriers out there that are considered the best in their category. However, Doc & Phoebe's Sleep & Go Cat Carrier takes the cake for its unique design. The carrier, which can also be used as a cat bed, is sturdy featuring two zippers. One opens to reveal the bed, and the other unzips the mesh window for a cat-sized peephole. The rounded design makes it a cute addition to your home and lets your cat comfortably sleep in it.

The Doc & Phoebes Sleep & Go Cat Carrier is available on Amazon for $84.

Best cat plant

This Tiny Terracotta Kit is for you just as much as it is for your cat. If you're a plant lover, you'll enjoy growing this small catnip plant while harvesting its leaves for your feline friend. The kit contains everything you need to grow your catnip at home, including seeds, plant food, and a coco disc that expands with water. Make sure to thoroughly read the instructions to create the best result and reward your kitty with plenty of the dried leaves.

This Tiny Terracotta Kit in Curious Catnip is available at Modern Sprout for $13.