How Much It Costs To Repair Your Window's Thermal Seal

Cleaning the fingerprints, dog nose prints, and dirt off a windowpane can improve the look of any room. Sometimes, though, when wiping them down, the glass remains cloudy and may seem to have moisture between the two panes. That could be due to damage to the window's thermal seal, the rubbery material that runs along the edges of it, preventing air from moving through the panes. The good news is you can often replace the seal and save the window, with an average cost range of between $40 and $120 for each window. If the damage is significant, replacing the window itself may be most cost-effective, however. The window thermal seal repair costs may differ based on your location, the number of windows that need repair, and just how handy you are (paying a professional to do the work could mean a significantly higher cost).

It's worth it to fix this seal and not ignore the problem. Not only does fixing it reduce the risk you'll have problems with moisture, like mold and mildew development, but it can also improve the overall energy efficiency of that window, lowering your overall energy costs. Renovating your windows could enhance comfort, too.

What to expect with window thermal seal repair cost

The window's thermal seal allows the gas the window pane manufacturer pumps into the space between the two window panes to stay in place. This gas works as a barrier, stopping the passage of energy (heat or cold air) from moving through the window. The most common indication of damage to this seal is a foggy window with or without moisture.

The cost of repairing the window thermal seal often comes down to several factors, including the method used. The first is the cost to purchase the sealant itself, which typically ranges from $15 to $17. This is the application of a caulking material designed specifically for sealing the window's thermal seal. This is the least expensive option because it takes just a bead of caulk without removing the entire window.

However, true thermal seal replacement requires the removal of the glass panes as well as the devices called spacers that hold them into place. These will need to be removed from the actual window frame (which holds them into place). Hiring a professional to handle this work may cost between $75 and $175, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Other factors to consider in repairing the thermal seal

Depending on the age and manufacturer of your windows, you may have a warranty in place for the thermal seal. If there's a warranty, which could last as long as two decades after you've installed the windows, it may cover the cost of making repairs due to a faulty or failed thermal window seal. Read the terms of the warranty to know for sure. Further, some warranties pass from one owner to the next and could be lifetime warranties. Calling the window manufacturer directly could be the ideal way to learn if this cost is covered.

If the windows in the home are older and numerous thermal seals are broken, it may be beneficial to replace them all instead. This is very true if the windows are inefficient, as adding double- or triple-pane windows will not only improve the aesthetics but also potentially improve the home's energy efficiency. The average cost for replacing a home with 10 windows utilizing a basic vinyl product will range between $3,500 and $10,500. This is very much dependent on the type of window. Consider the cost to replace a window or the whole home's windows by also factoring in the value and efficiency they may add to the home.