Here's How Much It'll Cost You To Repair Your Chain Link Fence

Whether you want to better establish the boundaries of your yard or provide a safe, enclosed area for children and pets to roam, chain link tends to be the most affordable fencing material, making it one of the most popular options. And while chain link fencing is meant to last many years and is commonly preferred over other materials due to its longevity and low maintenance requirements, the reality is that over the years, your chain link fencing is susceptible to damage that may require repair.

The total cost of your repair job estimate will vary depending on the severity and type of damage to your fencing, though on average, you can expect to pay around $490 depending on the size of the job and the specific type of repairs that your chain link fence needs. Additionally, unless you are equipped to handle the full undertaking of the repairs yourself, you may have to hire someone to do it for you, which will also affect the total cost.

How much you can expect to pay for repairs

Chain link fencing is relatively inexpensive at around $15 to $20 per foot, depending on where you buy it. Holes and tears tend to be the most common types of damage to a chain-link fence, and on average, repairing a hole costs around $160. Larger issues, such as leaning fences and posts are also common. Old chain-link fences in particular often fall victim to leaning over the years due to erosion, severe weather or impact from things like vehicles or falling tree branches. If your fence is leaning for any reason, you can expect to pay around $325 to stand it back up, though if your leaning fence is caused by foundation issues then you can expect the bill to be higher. 

If any of your fence posts themselves are damaged it costs around $230 to repair each one, though that number is closer to $300 if they are so badly damaged that they cannot be salvaged and need to be replaced. If the chain-link fencing is bent, warped, or sagging, you can expect to pay anywhere from $140 to $450 to straighten it back out. The gate is arguably the most important part of a fence, as it is what makes it functional. If your gate needs to be repaired, it will cost roughly $125, or up to $170 for a full replacement.

Repair or replace

If your chain link-fence needs to be replaced and the task isn't one you are equipped to handle on your own, you will need to hire a professional. In that case, you will have to factor in the cost of labor in addition to the cost of materials when figuring out your total bill for the job – you can expect to pay anywhere from $9 to $14 per linear foot, depending on who you hire for the job. A general handyman tends to charge less for a chain link fence repair job than a professional fencing company, though it might be worth it to pay the additional price if your repair is particularly extensive or complex, as a professional fencing company may be better equipped to handle a larger job.

In most cases, repairing your fence instead of replacing it tends to be the much less expensive option, with the installation of an all new one costing an average of $3,000. On the other hand, if your fence has been completely rusted through to the point where it isn't salvageable, replacement may be your only option. Additionally, if your fence has sustained any type of serious damage and you have been given a repair estimate of over $1,000, it's probably more cost effective for you to buy a new fence.