How To Separate Stuck Glassware With WD-40

One of the most common staples of any home, basement, or garage workshop has to be WD-40, used for everything in the house, from silencing squeaky hinges to helping remove adhesive labels. You might be surprised that this iconic yellow and blue cylinder can do something else in your kitchen — unsticking your stacked glasses from each other! Greasing the space between the glasses with this popular household chemical will allow them to loosen quickly and shatter-free. 

Heat and moisture, such as after washing, as well as temperature changes and general grime, can often cause your favorite glassware to stick together quite firmly when stacked. For more delicate glasses, this can mean getting them free of each other without breaking or cracking the glass while trying to dislodge them. WD-40 is a great, painless solution to ruined glassware. We also have some steps to prevent your dishes from sticking in the first place, as well as other popular techniques for dislodging glassware.

Using WD-40 to unstick glasses

Using this popular substance is a quick and efficient way to dislodge stuck glasses with minimal effort and without accidentally breaking them. It works especially well if you have multiple glasses stuck together and want to dislodge all of them at once. Don't worry; just a few or even two work just as well. Begin by applying a small amount of WD-40 to the rims of the glasses, where they join together and allow them to sit for an extended time as the compound works its way between the glasses.

After some time, the glasses should come apart easily by pulling and twisting gently. Since WD-40 is a chemical, you will want to wash the glasses thoroughly with hot water and dish soap before using them for drinking. This is an excellent hack for unsticking large numbers of glasses in bars and restaurants, which often spend a great deal of time stacked together after washing.

Other approaches to unsticking glassware

If you don't have WD-40 on hand or are looking for a more chemical-free alternative that will work to dislodge stacked glasses. Try using warm and cold water to create a temperature difference between the glasses. Place ice on the top, which will cool the surface from the inside out. At the same time, place the outer glass in a sink or bowl of warm water. This warmth should cause the outer one to expand, creating a larger gap between the two glasses, allowing you to separate them easily.

For wet stacks of glassware that are hard to separate, you can also try inserting a thin straw and blowing lightly, releasing the vacuum. To prevent glasses from sticking together in the first place, make sure they are completely dry and at room temperature before putting them away. This will also prevent bacteria growth while not in use. You can also store them with a barrier between each glass, such as paper towels, napkins, newspaper, or parchment paper, which also help prevent breaking and chipping.