Why Monochromatic Tiles Are Key To A Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat

Monochromatic interiors can make any room feel elegant and luxurious. Using monochrome tiles in a bathroom adds interest to the space, especially when incorporating different shades of one color. In addition, the color you choose for your bathroom can be visually appealing and boost your mood every time you use it. So, if you want a spa-like bathroom, opt for monochromatic tiles. Mix up the tile sizes instead of keeping them the same to prevent them from looking too synchronized. To elevate the bathroom's feel, you can add contrast through d├ęcors, like curtains, bath mats, or soap holders.

Making your bathroom a sanctuary using softer and more calming hues will give you a spa ambiance. You might enjoy the look of a backsplash or pop of color, and while that can be interesting, it's a safe route. Using different-sized monochromatic tiles in your bathroom allows you to be daring, and you don't have to spend time picking complementary colors. Plus, instead of painting every wall the same color, use different colored tiles on each wall that belong to the same color family. Here's how to use monochromatic tiles to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Use floor-to-ceiling monochromatic tiles

Incorporating monochromatic tiles in your bathroom can look very different, depending on how you place them. The best way to make your bathroom feel like a spa is by stepping out of the norm and placing them everywhere. Instead of installing them on the floor, use them along the walls and inside the shower. You don't have to use the same colored tiles on every wall; employ complementary colors or different tones within the same color that fit a spa's calming mood. For example, green makes people feel refreshed, tranquil, and balanced. So, you can choose to decorate the walls with light green tiles and contrast them with dark green tiles for the floors. Or, keep the walls green and add white and black patterned tiles for the floor for an entirely different outlook.

Designing your bathroom with a similar color palette can give the bathroom a classic look even when the tiles are different in size. For example, if you do an all-green bathroom, consider including standard square tiles on the floor while using subway tiles on the walls. There's still a contrast in size but in two different places.

Opt for an all-white interior

Spas are the place to go when you're feeling stressed, anxious, or need time to relax. They're often designed with all-white interiors; you might see pops of color here and there, but for the most part, they're simple. The color white symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and ethereal, and if you enjoy a minimalist interior, opt for an all-white design for your bathroom. You can continue to follow the monochromatic design with white tiles but incorporate a marble style to twist it. On the other hand, use different tones of white or install a few gray tiles to the mix for a soft impression.

For an elegant appeal, black and white bathrooms are timeless. You can create a design where you mix black and white tiles or use patterned tiles throughout the bathroom. For example, if you add a border of printed tiles along the wall, surround them with different-sized white tiles to make them stand out. Or, use a contrasting color in the fixtures, such as a black showerhead and towel bar. In addition, place plants on the countertops, shelves, or in the shower to boost the spa-like ambiance. Then, when you shower or take a bath, you'll feel relaxed, and all your stresses will wash down the drain.