HGTV's Emily Henderson Shows How Drawers Can Free Up Counter Space In Your Kitchen

Cluttered counters seem to creep up on homeowners. Even when you try to keep your counters clear after some time, boxes, canisters, and other kitchen supplies gather in the space. Freeing up the counters in your kitchen not only looks better but provides you more room to prep and cook. But with a room as busy as the kitchen, keeping it clean and organized can feel like a full-time job.

The trick is to work smarter, not harder, of course. Utilizing and maximizing drawer space can help keep your counters clear and open. However, what also arises is keeping the drawers organized so you're not digging through them to find the tools and equipment you need. Luckily, interior design and HGTV star Emily Henderson has a solution for both. Instead of bottom cabinets, Henderson's kitchen features deep drawers and unique methods to keep each organized. Plus, each drawer is built to fulfill a task that makes the kitchen more functional overall.

Functional cabinetry keeps the counters clear

Lots of items on the counters can make a kitchen feels messy even if the room is sparkling clean. The solution is to put as many items on the counters behind a closed door as possible. However, moving things off the counters and into drawers and cabinets also has the potential to clutter up the cabinets. Emily Henderson's solution is deep drawers on the base cabinets that can hold some of the items that routinely clutter countertops. In a video shared on Instagram, Henderson shows off some of the drawers that make the kitchen more functional.

A tall, narrow drawer holds cooking utensils. But instead of them lying flat, the drawer has three built-in containers that create vertical storage for the utensils. This method saves space, looks less cluttered, and allows for easy spotting and grabbing of whatever you need. Other drawers featured in Henderson's video include one for plates and bowls with pegs that keep the dishware from sliding around and a chilled drink drawer for easy access to beverages.

Get inspired by these drawers to give common countertop items a home. Have a drawer for coffee grounds, beans, or pods, as well as tea bags, mugs, and any add-ins for your daily cup. A snack drawer will keep bags and boxes off the counter. And appliances you don't use on a daily basis can be stored away to keep counters from looking cluttered.