How To Incorporate Starburst Tiles Into Your Bathroom Without Going Overboard

Those who have never heard the term "starburst tiles" can still probably imagine what they look like — yes, you're correct, they have a star-like appearance. While some have five to eight points radiating out from the center like a star, others have three to five lines that shoot up from the bottom (perhaps these could be called "shooting star tiles"). Starburst tiles can be used anywhere in the bathroom, including on the walls, along the floor, or in the shower.

How you incorporate them into your space will first depend upon the exact bathroom tile you choose, as some are more muted and subtle while others are extremely loud. No matter what type you use, it should be isolated to a certain area of the room and paired with solid-colored materials. For instance, if you cover your entire shower in starbursts, install a bathroom tile without any pattern along the floor, so they don't compete for attention. At the same time, starbursts with less eye-catching colors can cover more surface area than ones with vivid tones.

What elements to pair with starburst tiles

When using starburst tiles, it's important to choose the other elements wisely, because you don't want to overshadow the pattern. To choose the right color for the rest of the bathroom tiles, look to the starburst pattern for inspiration. For instance, if your starbursts are white and black, choosing white for the rest of the tiles will tone down the design and match perfectly. On the other hand, if you want to make more of a statement, pair your starbursts with black instead. This choice would subtly nod to the celestial theme, which may make the design feel more purposeful.

Further, when choosing the vanity, bathtub, sink, and other elements in the space, these should all also be solid colors. Typically, the best choice for your bathtub and sink is white, since it will match everything. For the vanity countertop, something with a solid color like quartz, laminate, or concrete will pair better with the starburst tiles than veined marble or speckled granite.

Specific ways to include starburst tiles in the bathroom

One option for adding starburst tiles to your bathroom is to isolate them on the floor and add a neutral subway or herringbone tile everywhere else, which will ground the space and could make it feel larger. You can also carry the starbursts along the shower floor and up only the back wall. This will create the illusion your bathroom is longer, as the eye will follow the length of the room and up the back wall of the shower.

Or, you could cover the entire shower in starbursts, but keep everything else in the room neutral and solid. This may create the illusion of a smaller shower but also a more spacious bathroom. All the walls in the space could also be covered in starburst tiles, which may make the room feel more cramped but will also pack a punch design-wise. If you go this route, you can either carry the pattern onto the shower walls for a cohesive look or isolate the shower with a solid-colored bathroom tile.