60 Bathroom Tile Ideas That Can Revamp Your Space

When tiling a bathroom, there are a variety of factors that will determine what tile is best for you. The intention for your tiles is a primary focus — do you want to prioritize function or visual appeal? Is the tile for your tub or shower, the floor, wall, or an accent feature? Additionally, there are an array of tile sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, and what function they will serve in your bathroom will largely determine what you need. According to Better Homes & Garden, something important to consider is the virtuosity of your tile, or its ability to absorb water. Terracotta, for example, is non-vitreous and will absorb water, making it less than ideal for a floor, but a great decorative touch.

It is also important to consider what visual scene you want to set — trendy, timeless, retro, vintage, etc. Sebring says trendy but classic tile ideas include graphic tiles, subway tiles, matte finishes, and even metallic finishes. Read on to see some of these examples.

1. Subtle pop of color

For a subtle but eye-catching addition to liven up your bathroom, consider adding an accent color tile to your shower wall. Make it stand out by adding unique metal features.

2. Fun graphic tile floors

Bring personality to your bathroom by adding a fun, graphic tile floor. Choose a fun pattern in a monochromatic palette to keep it equal parts fun and classic, using accent decoration colors to tailor it to your unique style.

3. Use wood to create a home spa

Achieve the classic, luxurious effect of a spa in your home bathroom by using wood tiles on the walls. Paired with white appliances and a classic white floor tile, you can achieve the relaxing look and feel of a spa trip in the comfort of your own home.

4. A twist on classic subway tiles

Subway tiles are a classic, timeless addition to any bathroom. Add some visual intrigue by introducing black grouting, and pair with black metal accents in the rest of the bathroom to achieve a trendy but ever-attractive visual appeal. Add pops of color around the bathroom for a retro-inspired feel.

5. Chevron pattern accent wall

Tiles are an easy way to add intrigue to a bathroom due to their shape variables. Add visual interest by deviating from a classic square or rectangle tile, and opt for a chevron pattern. Keep it subtle by using a light colored tile, or add a dramatic pop by using a bright, bold tile.

6. A classic brick wall

Brick walls are both timeless and a great way to create an attractive feature wall. While it's more traditional in a living area, don't rule out the bathroom. Use white brick to create textural difference while still achieving the classic look of tile.

7. Mix and match

While tile is a great material for bathrooms, matching walls and floor tiles can sometimes be boring and overwhelming. Mix and match patterns and colors on the floors and walls to break up monotonous matching tile and create unique visual appeal.

8. Luxurious marble

Marble is a classic tile option, especially for bathrooms, with its finish and virtuosity making it mold-proof and less likely to slip on. When used as both floor and wall tiles together, it creates a luxurious effect. Break up the white with black metal features to add a modern appeal.

9. Modern earth tones

Use wood and earth tones to create an earthy and neutral, but modern effect. Use a lighter color, like gray or brown, on the walls to create an open feel, and bring a warm tone to the room by introducing wood features or tile accents.

10. Modern monochrome

Modern style bathrooms have become increasingly popular, as they create a luxurious, but not over the top, visual mood. Use just black and white to create a stark, stunning modern effect. Break up plain, white tiled walls with black accents and a matching black tile floor. Keep up the monochromatic theme with white and black appliances.

11. Earth tone argyle wall tiles

Create a vintage feel while maintaining a contemporary touch by tiling your bathroom wall with an argyle pattern tile. Use neutral, earthy colors, such as hues of green and yellow, to achieve a timeless visual appeal. Add touches of gold or other bold colored metals to create a more contemporary effect.

12. Minimalist wood tones

Introduce a wood tile accent wall to create a clean, minimalist effect, while still maintaining a warm, inviting environment. Use gold metal features, lights, and other décor to keep it simple, but classic.

13. A Tuscan feel

Use warm, beige tiles either selectively or all over the bathroom to create a rustic, elegant, and classic Tuscan feel. Introduce gold decorations and dark wood tones to completely achieve the effect.

14. Warm and cozy

Use warm, rich colored terracotta colored tiles to create a warm and cozy feeling in the bathroom. Use glazed tiles so you can use them on the floor or in the bathtub while still achieving the effect. Add in plants for a lively, homey feel.

15. Vintage and colorful

Bring in a taste of the Roaring '20s with a colorful tile approach. Tile the walls with one bright or muted color, and consider using subway tiles for a true vintage feel. Complete the retro vibe by matching appliances to the tile color.

16. Elegant boho glam

For a stunning, bold approach, use a bright, rich turquoise tile. Use it sparingly for a subtle glam effect, or all over for a dramatic but elegant boho glam aesthetic. For further dramatics, find a unique tile shape. Add touches of gold to tie it all together.

17. Youthful and retro

Designing any room for a child is a delicate balance between a youthful approach while remaining classic. For a child's bathroom, consider using a bright, fun color with a retro, timeless feel. Use the tile as an accent wall for a subtle approach. For a bolder aesthetic, match the floor tiles to the accent wall.

18. Alternating colors

Create a unique, glamorous effect by alternating tile colors. Pick two to three colors, and alternate rows or columns of shades. Choose a complementary accent color, and feature it in the hardware, appliances, décor, etc.

19. Farmhouse shiplap tile

Farmhouse is an incredibly popular interior design trend. Introduce it to your bathroom by adding a shiplap accent wall in your bathroom, which will mimic a classic white tile wall while adding the charm of farmhouse décor.

20. Bold blue feature tile

In a small space like a bathroom, using one bold color repeatedly is an easy way to fill up blank space. Consider using a bold blue tile wall, either half height or the whole wall. Add matching blue around the bathroom — cabinet colors, art, rugs, etc. — to make it a theme.

21. Modern Mediterranean

Incorporate a Grecian style to your bathroom by adding accents of light blue mosaic tiles to create a modern but classic Mediterranean feel. Tile a whole wall, or dot them around the bathroom for continuous added intrigue.

22. Graphic patterned tile walls

Use graphic tiles to create an eye-catching accent behind the sink. Use simple, easily matched colors, like blue and white, and add in complementary metal accents in the hardware.

23. Mosaic glam

Add dramatic visual appeal to your bathroom by choosing a bold, glamorous mosaic tile. Tile the whole bathroom for the most striking effect. Or, choose a wall to accent with the tile, and match the surrounding paint to a color in the mosaic.

24. Multicolor tile stripe

Add interest to your shower by adding a stripe of multicolored tile. Match and pair the multicolored stripe to already existing bold colors in the bathroom or other tiles, or add completely new colors to stand out against a plain white shower wall.

25. Industrial chic

Add a chic industrial touch to your bathroom by using red brick in place of classic tiles. Utilize an existing brick wall, or get peel and stick brick wallpaper. Pair with black hardware to fully embrace the industrial feel.

26. Tiled countertops

To incorporate tile in your bathroom in a more subtle way, consider tiling just your sink countertop. Not only is it practical and functional, but it adds a textural difference to your bathroom. Match it to the walls to seamlessly blend in, or make it pop with a contrasting color.

27. Army green decorative tile

Create a warm, inviting shower by adding in army green tiled walls. Use the tiles throughout the bathroom for decorative flare, such as in the arch of a window.

28. Multicolored stone tiles

For a rustic Mediterranean-inspired feel, use dark colored, multicolor stones to tile your bathroom. Incorporate dark wood and hardware to fully capture the aesthetic.

29. Classic checkered floor

Go back to basics with a simple black and white checkered floor. Add a contemporary flare by incorporating black appliances and accents, dark walls, or even bright colors for a pop.

30. Glass tiles

Open up your bathroom and create a dynamic visual scene by replacing a wall (or part of it) with glass paneling. Create a tile effect by opting for small panes and a thicker/darker muntin, or choosing opaque or even colored glass.

31. Rustic tan floor tiles

Create a rustic feel by tiling your bathroom floor with dark tan tiles. Incorporate dark, earthy colors in the rest of your bathroom to fully achieve the look.

32. Classic subway tiles

Keep it simple with classic subway tiles. Add a pop of color and personality by adding a bright colored grout in between the tiles, or just tile half the wall to let the color stand out on its own.

33. Vibrant olive green

For a bold statement color in your bathroom, choose a rich, deep, olive green tile. Tile the walls and floors with a glossy finish for a dramatic flare.

34. Modern classic black tiling

Achieve a timeless but modern feel by adding simple black square tiling on both the walls and floors. Leave the top of the wall exposed to keep from overwhelming a smaller bathroom.

35. Vintage green and white wall tiles

Tap into your vintage side with sage green and off-white tiling. Tile the bottom half of the wall with delicate sage green, and the top with creamy white square tiles. Add gold accents to tie it all together.

36. Jewel tones and gold grout

For a luxurious but simple bathroom, tile the walls and floor with a dark, jewel-toned tile, topping it off with complementary gold grouting.

37. Pastel subway tiles

Add a delicate twist to the classic subway tile design by opting for a pastel color. Pair with warm-toned wood for a midcentury flare.

38. Boho backsplash

Bring a simple boho flare to your bathroom by adding a cluster of mosaic tiles as a backsplash behind the sink. Keep the colors muted to keep from being too busy, or introduce bright, vibrant colors for an eye catching pop.

39. Classic corner square

The corner square tile pattern is classic for a reason. Tile your floor with a simple white and black corner square tile, and add a refined touch with black appliances and accents.

40. Clean and bright geometric

Keep your bathroom bright, spacious, and clean looking with a simple blue and white geometric accent tile wall. Keep appliances and other walls white for optimal spaciousness.

41. Elegant cement tile

Achieve an elegant aesthetic by adding in a black cement tile feature wall. This will help add texture to a simple, sleek bathroom.

42. A handmade touch

For a homey, one-of-a-kind touch, hand-paint a few individual tiles and add them behind the sink, creating a cozy, lived-in feel.

43. Midcentury modern accent wall

Create a midcentury modern vibe with a vibrant, retro, tiled accent wall. Add warm toned wood accents to complete the look.

44. Muted half tiled wall

Add a simple touch of color by tiling your bathroom walls halfway up. Choose muted colors that complement your hardware, or vice versa. Opt for a diamond shaped tile pattern for a bit of visual intrigue.

45. Calming blue bathtub wall

Creating a relaxing oasis by tiling your bathtub wall with a light, calming blue. Keep the rest of the bathroom light and airy to best create a completely Zen mood.

46. Funky mosaic shower wall

Create a completely unique shower with funky, mismatched mosaics. Install them along one wall for a fun accent. Keep the colors muted so the tiles don't overwhelm the space.

47. Monochrome geometric feature wall

Add a clean but eye-catching monochromatic feature wall above your bathtub. Pick a fun, busy tile pattern, but in one color with multiple shades. Match your wood to the color tone to tie it all together.

48. Greyscale mix and match mosaic

Can't decide which tile to commit to? Buy them all! Create your own mosaic effect by purchasing a variety of greyscale tiles and installing them as an accent wall.

49. A twist on classic corner square tiles

Incorporate the classic corner square tile with a twist — tile your walls instead of the floor. Add black accents to make the black tile accents pop.

50. Simple tile with a twist

Add just a touch of color to your bathroom with small geometric detailed tiles. Add just one row of patterned tile to incorporate a bit of color and personality in your bathroom.

51. Contemporary classic hexagon

Add a unique spin to classic black and white floor and wall tiling by installing hexagonal tiles. Make it even more interesting by mixing the wall and floor colors.

52. Vertical subway tiles

Add a bit more visual intrigue by switching out classic horizontal subway tiles for a few rows of vertical subway tiles. Create a modern feel by keeping the rest of the bathroom greyscale.

53. Removable tile wall

If you're looking for a non permanent way to spruce up your bathroom, consider tiling a large piece of wood and resting it against a large wall in your bathroom. Have fun with the tile colors and shapes — if you don't like it, you can just retile it.

54. Art deco accent tile

Bring in a vintage feel via a modern lens by adding an art deco patterned accent tile wall. Be bold or subtle with the colors — the tile pattern will be eye-catching regardless.

55. Hexagonal half tiled wall

Keep your bathroom open by only tiling half the wall, but add texture and visual interest by opting for hexagonal tiles. Keep them one color to prevent them from overwhelming a smaller bathroom, or opt for bright, bold colors to bring in some liveliness.

56. Calming orange and green

Create a warm, cozy environment while still remaining contemporary by opting for a pale green half tiled wall. Complement the green with a rustic orange to create a welcoming, midcentury modern inspired atmosphere.

57. Rustic boho wood tiles

Create a rustic boho vibe in your bathroom by adding a large, light colored wood tile feature wall. Opt for a patterned wood tile to create a more dynamic visual.

58. Delicate floral accent wall

Keep your bathroom light and airy by adding a light, delicate floral patterned tile. To keep the space as open as possible, keep the tile contained to an accent wall or backsplash.

59. Yellow accents

Add color and life to your bathroom by adding a variety of yellow tile accents. Add a dandelion yellow mosaic, yellow tile trim, and yellow tile flooring for a bright, lively feel.

60. Sleek black chevron tile

Add a sleek, modern touch to your bathroom with the addition of a black chevron tile wall. Tile the whole bathroom for a more dramatic effect, or keep it to one accent wall for a refined feel.