Get Your Family Involved In Freshness For National Clean Your Room Day This Year

Cleaning your room might feel more like a chore than a reason to celebrate, but May 10, National Clean Your Room Day, can help you turn your regular tidying into a special event. If you're looking for a way to get the family more involved in daily chores, or if you're desperate for a bit of spring cleaning to start you off on the right foot this season, this holiday presents the perfect opportunity to turn an otherwise-tedious deep clean into a fun learning experience and celebration for everyone in your household — and at just the right time, too. A surprise spotless home can be a fantastic early Mother's Day gift.

The main way to celebrate National Clean Your Room Day is, of course, by cleaning. If you have kids around the house that are still learning to tidy their own spaces, consider getting them involved and turning it into a fun experience instead of a chore they'll come to loathe. Cleaning and organizing might not be as appealing as a trip to the park, but it offers you the opportunity to spend valuable time with the people you love and educate them on a few skills necessary for their future.

How to celebrate National Clean Your Room Day

The benefits of cleaning as a family are evident — spending quality time together, preparing your kids for the future, and keeping the house tidy and germ-free — but if you want to avoid gripes from unwilling participants, you might have to reframe the experience a bit. Charge younger children with the task of picking up all of their toys, collecting blankets and clothes that need to be washed, or dusting off easy-to-reach shelves, but frame it like a race to motivate them and make it more fun for everyone involved. After, walk them through the simple tasks you do to clean around the house, answering their questions along the way.

For older members of the family, this can act as a dedicated time to get to the nitty-gritty cleaning tasks that you've been putting off. Put on some music and order your favorite takeout for after you're done, then scrub the baseboards, organize your closet, and mop those hard-to-reach areas. Once you've finished, you can sit back and enjoy your fresh space with a delicious dinner as a reward, with no dishes or additional kitchen tidying necessary.