The 'Mood Ring' Bathroom That's Going Viral For Featuring Color-Changing Paint

If you are active on the home renovation and DIY side of TikTok, there's a good chance you've seen @robbyepicsauce's viral video where he and his friend painted an entire bathroom with "mood ring paint." The magical-looking bathroom is, quite literally, covered in this thermochromic product that shifts from a dark brown-black to bright green and blue with heat. The TikToker shows how a variety of things can change the color of the countertop, floor, and toilet as he uses his hand to create friction and transfer body heat to the paint. He also poured hot water on the counter and floor, which immediately caused a reaction.

The mood ring paint, which is available at, is sold under the name "liquid crystal mood paint" on the site. It shifts between 12 colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, made evident by the TikTok. Depending on the level of heat it's exposed to, between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it will activate a different color, exactly like a mood ring does.

How is a mood ring bathroom possible?

Robby, a social media personality known for trying viral products, life hacks, and crafts, recruited his friend and fellow content creator @alispagnola to help him with this large-scale project. In order to achieve mind-blowing results, they had to endure the tedious process that this type of product requires. Some commenters on his videos assumed a few different things about how the pair must've gone about achieving the mood ring bathroom. One thought that they mixed the concentrate into a jar of paint, commenting, "It's concentrate, so basically you mix it with a paint base to make the paint...". Not many viewers realized that the task is even more laborious than we thought.

For all of our unanswered questions, Ali Spagnola posted a video detailing how they created a color-changing bathroom. Everything they wanted to paint had to first be pulled out of the bathroom and into their workshop. Here, they painted the toilet and several other items black and allowed them to dry before using a high-powered airbrush to spray on the liquid crystal product. Once everything was dry, they could seal it with epoxy resin so that it was safe to use. But not before they decided to cover the sink, countertop, and floor with the mood ring paint as well.

Customize your own color-changing bathroom

If you're also interested in painting your bathroom with thermochromic paint, Solar Color Dust has detailed instructions on their website that describe exactly what to do and what to avoid when using their product. Unfortunately for those who want to have a white base in their mood ring bathroom, the color underneath the mood ring product must be dark black paint. The paint is designed to be used against black surfaces, other base colors could cause it not to work properly.

However, this liquid crystal mood paint isn't the only color-changing product provided by this company. It also has "ultra thermal dust" that changes between two colors, with options like pink and brown, yellow and green, and light gray and red. Or, you could try the "triple thermal dust," which changes between three colors depending on the level of heat the product is exposed to. The powder products like these are intended to be painted over a white surface and are mixed with a ratio of 1 gram of dust to 1 fl oz of a clear drying base like epoxy resin, Mod Podge, or clear nail polish.