Here's How Much It'll Cost You To Repair Your Washing Machine

We often take our appliances for granted in day-to-day life, so it can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming when something doesn't work as it should. There's perhaps no worse appliance to go out of order than the humble washing machine. One minute, you're happily loading clothes, adding detergent, and pressing the "start" button, and the next minute your washing machine is rattling, the floor is flooded, and you still have a hamper full of dirty clothes to kick off the work week. It's important to have your machine fixed as soon as possible, but nobody likes to drop hundreds of dollars on a washing machine part. Repairing a washing machine can generally cost anywhere between $85 and $580, depending on the services needed and the hourly fee of the repair technician. 

Of course, DIY-ing the repair yourself could save you a few bucks, but cutting corners may end up costing you more in the long run. Learn more about the breakdown of washing machine repair costs, which problems you may be able to fix yourself, and when you should call a professional or consider replacing the entire machine. 

Washer repair costs by part

Some of the most common reasons to repair a washing machine include water leaking, not filling the washer or not draining, the basket not spinning, noisy bouncing or banging, and problems with the door or gasket. Depending on your specific issue, you can expect to pay more or less for your repair. If the problem is water-related, you may need to replace the inlet valve, drain hose, or pump. The inlet valve or drain hose, which control water flowing into and out of the machine, are generally cheaper fixes, costing about $130 to $140 on average. The pump, however, can cost around $350 or more, including parts and installation services. Mechanical issues can be cheaper to fix; a new door and lock costs between $110 and $280, a new belt averages around $150, and bearings cost about $200. One of the most expensive pieces to replace, besides the pump, is the drum, which can range between $350 and $550, almost the cost of a new washer. 

These average prices include the installation and service fee, but of course, those rates can range wildly depending on where you live, your washer brand, and the average cost per hour. In some cases, you may be able to save money by calling a local handyman or performing minor fixes like a door latch by yourself, but it's best to call a professional if you're having problems with the motor, pump, drum, or electrical wiring.

When to buy a new machine

On average, a brand-new washing machine will cost between $450 and $800, but high-end models can cost as much as $1500 or more. If you're looking at washing machine repairs that total around $400 or more, it may be more worthwhile to invest in a new machine unless you're determined to have a matching high-end set. Your repairman may be able to advise you on which route to take in the future, depending on the costs you've invested in repairing the machine so far, its age, and its overall condition. With regular use and maintenance, 10 to 13 years is considered a good lifespan for a washing machine, so if your appliance is nearing that time, it may be better to replace it than to continue with repairs. 

To avoid needing future repairs or replacements, do your best to take care of the washing machine that you have. Be sure your machine is on a level surface to minimize strain on the bearings. Always check your pockets for coins and other objects before tossing them in the wash. Fill the basket only halfway with clothes or linens, and use the minimum amount of necessary detergent. You should also be cleaning your washing machine once or twice per month to avoid buildup, mold, and bacteria.