How To Use WD-40 To Keep Grass Off Your Lawn Mower Blades

Your lawn mower blades only function as well as their upkeep allows, so keeping them debris-free will give your lawn a better cut. Cleaning off the blades after a lawn trim is important, and while a strong jet of water and scraping tools work to remove trimmings, rust is always a concern after a good rinse. To avoid removing excess trimmings, you don't need to search much further than your garage, toolbox, or shed for a can of WD-40!

WD-40 not only gets squeaks out of noisy doors or loosens window cases and hinges — this spray can also protect your mower blades. The solution coats the machine and prevents cuttings from sticking to the blades by creating a slippery surface that they will slide off of. It's a quick solution to an otherwise messy chore and can leave you to enjoy your lawn rather than dread the cleanup. WD-40 is also extremely easy to apply, so the initial spray will hardly take any time.

It coats the blades to repel buildup

This hack is best done on a clean lawn mower, which means you might have to invest some time in getting rid of old grass and dirt. You can very carefully tip the machine to one side, but this step comes after taking the spark plug off for the time being. Once it's laid on its side, use a brush with wire bristles to rid the blades and underside of detritus, removing rust stains too. After the blades are cleaned, wipe them with a fresh towel.

Before heading to your grass for a good cutting session, grab a can of WD-40 and spray the mower blades with the solution. The official website recommends using a generous amount to protect your blades (via WD-40). Once you've sprayed the WD-40, give it a few seconds to sit — this will allow the solution to coat everything without being too sticky the minute the mower is started up. WD-40 will keep water and other elements from corroding the blades since it acts as a barrier between the elements and the material, in turn causing fewer mechanical issues. 

Prep your mower

The WD-40 will keep most of the grass from building up and sticking, but you will still want to remove any detritus after your mowing session. This can be done with the wire brush mentioned above or a stainless steel mower blade, which can be found at your local hardware shops. Clean the mower, then reapply WD-40 to the reels after every use. This will keep your unit lubricated and free from build-up.

If you prefer to hose your mower off, pick a nozzle that produces a very strong stream of water. When mowing your lawn, wait until it's dry to cut; otherwise, wet clumps will collect underneath, making it harder for this hack to work. Stop every so often to peak at your blades, ensuring there are no clogs or causes for concern. If a blade looks dull, sharpen it before the next lawn cutting to prevent breakdowns, then reapply the WD-40 for the best results. This clever hack will keep your yard and your mower looking fresh throughout the season.