The Bar-And-Hook Storage System Will Change The Way You Store Kitchen Towels

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When decorating your kitchen, you may be looking for a way to store your dish towels that doesn't involve shoving them in a drawer or hanging them on the handle of your oven or refrigerator. If you dislike the look of towel rings, the bar-and-hook towel hanging trick is a sleek alternative. You can install a long bar under your kitchen cabinets or open shelves and add S-shaped hooks from which your towels can neatly hang. A bar-and-hook hanging system can help you save space, easily access your towels, and organize your items. Plus, it'll create a unique aesthetic.

The hooks can slide along the bar, so you can reposition your towels however you like, and you can use this system to hang other kitchen essentials, like wooden spoons or spatulas. Also, this storage design lets your items hang above your counter and avoid getting dirty. Now, here's how to get the look.

Installing a bar-and-hook towel rack

Depending on how far you want your bar to stretch, you can install a closet rod, a towel bar, or a curtain rod. Towel bars may be shorter but will still work with S-hooks and come with their own mounting hardware already attached. Additionally, S-hooks come in a few colors and sizes and can be found on Amazon. While most sizes would likely work, you'll want your hooks to be about 3 inches long.

A towel bar is probably the easiest way to achieve this system, and it's a great option if you have minimal space along your wall. To mount a towel bar, you'll need to drill anchors into the wall to ensure your bar doesn't fall. Once your anchor is in, you can attach the mounting hardware and secure the bar into place. Installing a curtain rod or closet rod will provide more space to hang items from and is just as simple. However, if your kitchen wall has a backsplash, you probably won't want to drill holes into it. A tension rod would work if you have two parallel walls on each side of your counter, but be careful about how much weight you put onto it, as it could fall or break. You can also use adhesive hooks.

Other unique ways to use a bar and hook

If your bar can hold a substantial amount of weight, like a closet rod, you could also use this method to hang small pots or pans. Your bar doesn't necessarily need to be under your cabinets; you could install it on any wall in your kitchen where you think it looks best. It may also be wise to repurpose old closet or curtain rods for this trick. And if the hue of your bar doesn't match your color scheme, it can easily be primed and spray painted to any color you like. S-hooks are also generally made of metal and could be painted similarly. If your bar is made of wood, another option is to stain it to achieve the perfect look. 

When deciding on the height of your bar, it could be helpful to measure your towels. This way, you'll know precisely where your bar should be to prevent them from brushing against the counter. It's best to leave at least 2 inches of space between the bottom of your towel and the countertop.  However you decide to spruce up your storage system, this bar-and-hook method is convenient and will look stunning in your kitchen.