Hide Your Movie Night Projector Screen With This Viral Living Room Hutch Hack

Those who care about interior design often find that one item always takes away from the living room's appearance: the television. If you don't want this piece in your home, you could replace it with a projector and a screen. However, while much more discreet than a TV, a screen could also become an eyesore, even if it can be rolled up and suspended from the ceiling when not in use. Luckily, there's a way to hide this item, by placing it inside an oversized hutch. 

As demonstrated in a TikTok by Drew Michael Scott (@lonefoxhome), the rolled-up projector screen can be placed in a long, middle drawer of the hutch. When you want to watch a movie, you'll pull the screen up and hang it on the top of the hutch, and when not in use, the drawer can be pushed closed. To make this hack work, Scott DIY'd his large cabinet by cutting a notch in the two silverware drawers and screwing them together. He also added a hook to the very top of the hutch, so the screen can be hung up for movie nights.

How to design the rest of the space

Because you will be using a projector and a screen instead of a television, it's important to design the room correctly when using this hack. To make sure you can see the screen clearly without glare, choose window treatments for your living room that can block out sunlight whenever you need or want it. If you want the space to feel more cozy, paint all the walls and the ceiling a dark color, which Drew Scott did in his space. Dark, comfortable furniture can also set the mood in the room.

Of course, point the couch and other seating in your living room toward the hutch, as you would if there was a television inside. The projector also needs to face the screen as well; to make this work in the space, try adding a shelf a few feet above your sofa, where the projector can sit above your head. Just make sure that it doesn't get in the way of those sitting on the couch. If you want the shelf to blend into the design, paint it the same color as your walls.

Where to purchase the right hutch

The first step to completing this movie-night-projector hack is finding the right hutch for your living room. The piece needs drawers that are large enough for the projector screen to fit inside. It also needs to be tall enough so that the screen can lay flat when hooked onto the top. Drew Scott found his large, vintage hutch at a thrift store, so this could be a great place to start your search.

However, if you would rather purchase a new cabinet at full price, there are a few options you could order online. For example, this white-and-black piece from Select Furniture Store has a clear farmhouse vibe, with sliding doors and lots of drawers; to DIY it, you'd need to attach the top three drawers together. Another way to go for your hutch, however, is a design like this dark wood one from Homesquare, which gives it a more traditional look. Finally, Wayfair has a 71-inch kitchen pantry hutch going for under $380 (before discounts). This piece comes in black or white and has a sleek, modern appearance.