The Best Types Of Bird Feeders For Finches

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Finches are a delight to watch and listen to, and if you want to attract these small, colorful birds to your outdoor area, creating a suitable environment is essential. Selecting the best type of bird feeder is crucial in attracting them, as it ensures their specific feeding habits and preferences are met. The right design and features can help finches access their preferred foods easily while deterring larger birds or pests, creating a welcoming space exclusively for these songbirds.

However, it's not just about the bird feeder itself; providing the right food and implementing other strategic tips can significantly increase the chances of finches visiting your yard. Note, different species have specific dietary preferences. For instance, the popular American goldfinch has a fondness for thistle seeds, while the purple finch has an inclination toward sunflower kernels. By selecting the appropriate bird feeder, you can offer the birds the foods they love, ensuring they flock to your yard for nourishment.

Choose bird feeders designed for finches

Certain types of bird feeders have proven to capture the attention of finches and encourage frequent visits. Tube feeders, like this one from Amazon for example, that feature long, narrow tubes with multiple feeding ports are among the best in offering finch-favorite foods, like Nyjer (thistle) seeds. While the specific design of these bird feeders prevents larger birds from reaching the food, their tiny feeding ports accommodate the small bills of finches (as well as stop the loss of small kernels).

Bird feeders made of mesh that hold seeds — like these sock feeders, also on Amazon— are another type of bird feeder designed with small birds like finches in mind. These feeders allow finches to grab on and eat from any angle, promoting their natural feeding behavior. A platform type of bird feeder, meanwhile, can offer finches a variety of bird food. The petite birds often feel comfortable visiting platform feeders, as they offer an unobstructed view of their surroundings, allowing them to feed while keeping an eye out for potential threats.

Add a water source to your finch bird feeder

Offering finches their preferred foods and creating an inviting habitat will provide you the best chance of attracting these charming songbirds to your backyard. As noted, Nyjer seeds are a staple food for finches and certainly one you should offer in your bird feeders. These tiny black grains are rich in oil and highly nutritious for finches. Many finch species also enjoy sunflower kernels, which if you include them in your finch bird feeder, opt for those that are hulled or shelled to minimize waste and mess.

Note the tube or platform types of bird feeders can hold larger seeds, so if you're including kernels in your finch food, these are the types of feeders to try. Also, consider offering specialized blends containing Nyjer, millet, and fine sunflower chips. By providing various food options, you'll raise your odds of attracting a more comprehensive range of finch species to your yard.

Like all birds, finches need a fresh, reliable water source for drinking and bathing. Along with your chosen type of bird feeder, provide a bird bath or shallow water dish for your backyard finches, and ensure the water source is cleaned and refilled regularly. Adding a small fountain or dripper to create the sound of moving water can also be especially appealing to these birds.