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Upcycling And Repurposing, Smart Home Technology, Seasonal Decor
  • Tricia has garnered multiple accolades throughout her career, including Writer of the Year from BrightHub, the Rising Star award from Associated Content, and the Demand Studios Influential Voices award.
  • Embracing her love for thrifting, yard sales, and rescuing roadside discards, Tricia indulges in the joy of transforming overlooked treasures into home décor pieces and gifts.
  • Her fondness for home automation is so strong that Alexa is not just her trusty virtual assistant but also her confidant, therapist, and, occasionally, her dance partner when she needs a break from writing.


Tricia is a seasoned writer with expertise in home improvement and décor and a passion for helping readers improve their lives. Over the course of her career, Tricia has written for a wide range of publications, including Scripps, Hearst, and The Instillery. Tricia is passionate about helping readers improve their skills, gain knowledge, and attain more happiness in life. With her expertise in home décor, DIY, and home tech, Tricia provides readers with informative and engaging content that offers fresh insights and practical advice for creating beautiful, functional, and enjoyable living spaces.
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