The Best Types Of Bird Feeders For Cardinals

With their vibrant red plumage and melodic songs, cardinals have long been a cherished sight in backyard birdwatching. Native to North America, they captivate bird enthusiasts with their beauty and lively presence. However, understanding their feeding habits and preferences is crucial to create an inviting space for these charming creatures. Selecting a suitable feeder not only enhances the likelihood of attracting these beautiful birds but also creates a safe and convenient feeding environment for them.

When selecting the best bird feeder for cardinals, you should consider several factors. For instance, cardinals are primarily ground feeders, so certain feeder styles offer more advantages for their habits. In addition, knowing that they prefer to dine on flat surfaces or perches rather than hanging feeders can significantly influence your choice of feeder design and placement. Finally, ensuring that your chosen feeder can accommodate the types of food these birds favor will also considerably increase the chances of attracting cardinals to your backyard.

Top feeder types to consider

Platform feeders are the best choice for attracting cardinals. These feeders feature a level surface where birds can easily perch and feed. Cardinals can feel comfortable because these feeders mimic their natural environment. Look for a platform feeder with ample space and sturdy construction that allows birds to comfortably access food with a clear view of their surroundings for enhanced safety. Another good option is a hopper feeder with a reservoir that holds a generous amount of seed and gradually dispenses it into a tray or feeding area. Cardinals are attracted to these bird feeders because they offer protection from the elements and predators. Look for one with broad perches to accommodate the birds' size and easy access to the seed reservoir. 

Alternatively, tube feeders can also be suitable for cardinals, especially if they have prominent perches and wide openings. When selecting any feeder for cardinals, consider durability, ease of cleaning, and squirrel-proof features. Cardinals are known for their strong beaks, and sturdy feeders will withstand their feeding activities. Additionally, squirrel-proofing measures, such as baffles or selective feeding mechanisms, can help ensure that the cardinals have undisturbed access to the feeder.

Additional considerations for attracting cardinals

Paying attention to additional considerations beyond selecting a suitable feeder will create an inviting environment that cardinals find irresistible. For instance, choosing the right seeds can make a significant difference in attracting cardinals. Cardinals have a preference for large seeds like sunflower and white milo seeds. Safflower seeds are another excellent option, as they have a bitter taste that deters squirrels and attracts cardinals. Including a mix of these seeds in your feeders will significantly appeal to cardinals and increase their visits.

The red birds prefer feeding in areas with ample cover, such as shrubs or trees. Placing feeders near natural perches or close to dense vegetation will give them a sense of security. Additionally, consider locating feeders near water sources, as cardinals are attracted to areas with readily available drinking and bathing opportunities. Finally, creating a safe feeding environment is crucial for cardinals. Implement measures to protect them from potential predators such as cats.