The Benefit Of Throwing Your Detergent Lid In With Your Load Of Laundry

Isn't it great when household cleaning supplies make your job even easier? Laundry detergent dispensers today, for example, come with lids that double as a cup to pour liquid into your washing machine, giving you the correct amount to use as well as easy access. This nifty feature makes it so you will have less mess when it comes to doing laundry — with one small hang-up: When the lid is used in this manner, it'll inevitably retain some soap, which in time can build up and become a big, goopy problem. However, to remedy this, all you have to do is toss the lid in with your load of laundry, and viola! No more mess on the cap.

Surprisingly, it's not common knowledge that you can throw the detergent lid into the machine as well ... or, at least, detergent companies don't shout it from the rooftops. One TikTok user, however, did.

Why you should throw the lid in as well

Lifehacks are changing the world for the better, and people are beginning to learn tips and tricks that seem so simple, it's amazing they weren't standard practice before. TikTok user @hellokristen has shared one such gem with her followers, and the revelation is changing the laundry game. As noted above, once you've poured your detergent into the cap, cup, or lid (however your household calls it), you can simply throw the entire thing — liquid, plastic, and all — into the washing machine.

During the wash cycle, the machine will disperse the detergent, but it'll also rinse the cap clean, leaving it soap-free. This is a time-saving alternative to rinsing your detergent lid at a nearby sink every time you use it, as well as a simple way to rid your cap of any soap residue that's built up after repeated uses. While rinsing a detergent lid might not be the most arduous part of your laundry day, anything to help reduce your workload is a massive bonus.

Another benefit of this laundry hack

Another reason this laundry hack is so helpful is that by tossing the detergent lid into the wash, more detergent will reach your clothes. How? Because some soaps can be quite viscous, some usually stick to the measuring cup (hence, the problem of buildup on the lid), but this also means less liquid for your washing.

But with this hack, as the machine works, it'll pull all the detergent out of the cap so none is wasted. It's a two-in-one solution. Also, when the wash cycle is over and you've removed your laundry and lid from the appliance, make sure to let the lid air dry before placing it back on your bottle.

On a related note, when you're measuring out your detergent, keep in mind you probably don't need as much as you think do. According to tests by Wirecutter, 2 tablespoons is more than enough for big loads of laundry, so try cutting your portions in half to preserve soap.