The TikTok Hack That Makes It Easy To Tell How Full Your Propane Tank Is

Measuring how much propane you have left in your tank might feel near impossible, but where there's TikTok, there's a way. Thanks to the social media platform, life hacks are making everyone's routines run a little smoother, and this propane trick will help you keep your tank ready for use. While lifting it can help determine if you might need a top-up, it can't show you where the level sits, which is why using hot water to pour over the outside is not only ingenious but accurate.

That's right: all you need is a mug filled with hot water, which you pour over your tank. From there, all it takes is your hand to feel where the jug's temperature goes from hot to cold. Such a simple act with items you have at your disposal should be common knowledge, but thanks to TikTok, those who didn't know before can now try it for themselves.

Hot water: the propane hack you need

Depending on your propane tank's size, refill times will vary. For a 20-pound tank, you can expect to need a refresh after up to 20 hours of usage, according to Superior Propane. Larger tanks will last longer, but knowing exactly how much propane you have left is always helpful. After all, there's nothing worse than firing up a grill or firepit only to run out of juice halfway through an event. TikTok user @kathyfordd18 shows her followers exactly how to measure where your propane levels are with a steaming mug of hot water.

After she pours the water over the tank's side, she feels down until it gets cool, since the water will heat up the metal. The propane will remain cool, signaling where your levels are at. Keep the water hot, but not boiling, to avoid hurting yourself. The reason this hack is foolproof is because the propane absorbs heat.

Tips for maintaining your propane tank

In order to keep your propane tanks in good condition year-round, you should always ensure they are kept on solid, flat ground or stable materials where they can't easily fall over. Ensuring there is plenty of air circulation and ventilation where your tank is kept is important for people's safety, especially if there happens to be a leak. To check for leaks, you can make a soapy water mixture, then pour it on both the gas lines and the tank itself. If you notice bubbles building over one certain area, it means that you have a leak.

Replace valves and gas lines that aren't functioning properly, and if gas is leaking out, replace the unit or get it repaired immediately. It initially might not be easy to tell when gas is improperly leaving the tank, but it can be dangerous, which is why good maintenance is important. With this clever hack at your disposal, your propane care tasks will become a little easier.