TikTok's Hidden Tape Measure Feature Is Going Viral For Good Reason

By now, we're all aware that a tape measure is an essential component of any toolbox. It's a convenient tool that can help you determine the size of furniture you should bring into a space, keep decor pieces at a consistent height, and accurately measure the square footage of your home. Thanks to the information found in a recent TikTok, however, these handy tools might also boast another use that can help you clean up markings after you measure — a hidden eraser.

According to a video by Savage Carpenter, the rubberized grip found on many tape measures can be used in a pinch as an eraser, giving you the ability to clean up pencil marks and unsightly smudges as you work on your project. This is especially convenient to find on a tape measure as it allows you to tidy your space as you go without any interruptions, especially while you work on hanging artwork on your walls. Once you've found their ideal level, mark, hang a nail, and flip the tape measure to erase the line so you're left with a clean final product.

How to erase with your tape measure

In his TikTok video, Savage Carpenter demonstrates exactly how effective the rubber on a tape measure is at erasing pencil. He first draws a quick line on a piece of wood, then flips his tape measure upside down to erase. After a bit of rubbing and wiping away debris from the rubber, the line is completely gone, even on a more textured surface like an unfinished plank. 

This hack is incredibly simple, and it's that simplicity that makes it so appealing. The texturized rubber on most tools is primarily used to enhance your grip and make them more comfortable to hold, but it shares common characteristics with a typical eraser. Erasers are essentially just chunks of rubber that work to clear away graphite pencil marks on paper without damaging it. So rubberized grips on your tools can serve the same purpose, albeit in a slightly more awkward-to-use package.

What to keep in mind with this hack

Because erasers are just flexible rubber, it's likely that several of your other tools will have the ability to erase markings as well. Look out for items in your toolbox with a soft, rubberized grip when you're in a pinch and need to clean up measurements or notes during your project. Unfortunately, this erasing ability doesn't extend to pen or permanent marker, so make sure you're using a pencil if you want to ensure a clean slate when you're done.

It's also important to consider that using your tools to erase will wear away at the rubber. Just like with a typical eraser, small flecks of the material come off with friction, so if you want your tools to still look and feel new, it's best to just keep an eraser in your bag for these situations. This degredation is especially noticeable when you're erasing on textured materials like wood or concrete.