22 Unique Organization Products To Keep Your Refrigerator Under Control

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Oftentimes, after bringing home numerous groceries, many simply place them in random areas of the refrigerator and don't give much thought to how they're stored. However, while this may be the most convenient way to put away food products, it's not the wisest method. This is because the plastic packaging from the grocery store can be bulky, which may cause your items to take up too much space. Haphazardly filling your fridge may also lead to wasted produce, as your food could easily get lost or spoiled.

This is why systematizing your fridge with the best organization products is so important. If you do this, you'll be able to find what you need faster while also improving the aesthetics of your fridge. You've probably seen regular, clear plastic containers, which can be extremely helpful. However, there are also a number of other types of containers that you may not have heard about before, and some of these unique products, which you can purchase on Amazon, are below.

1. Yogurt holder

One of the best ways to keep your refrigerator organized is by hanging things on the sides of your fridge. If you regularly purchase yogurt containers that are all standard-sized, you could buy a yogurt organizer, which attaches via a double-sided adhesive that's easy to remove. These can hold four yogurt containers and will make each one easily accessible.

2. Egg organizer

You can also improve the organization and aesthetics of your refrigerator by purchasing something to place your eggs in, like the YouCopia RollDown™ Egg Dispenser. When you remove an egg, the rest will gently slide down to the front, making grabbing an egg when cooking convenient. It will also make it extremely easy to see how many eggs you have left before heading to the grocery store.

3. Egg drawer

On the other hand, you may not have enough shelf space to hold an egg organizer like the one above. If so, you could buy an egg drawer, which attaches to the bottom of a shelf. This container is slightly different than others because it has perfectly sized grooves to fit each of the eggs, which will keep them from rolling around and possibly breaking when you slide the drawer open.

4. Hanging baskets

Another option is a simple hanging basket that holds eggs or other items like fruits and vegetables. A huge benefit of this type is that they have ventilation slots, which will keep foods from growing mold as quickly since they will reduce the amount of moisture in the basket. These are extremely easy to install, as you just slide them onto your shelf. 

5. Plastic bag rack

If you often keep your groceries or leftovers in plastic resealable bags, try keeping them in a suspended refrigerator organizer hanging from the bottom of a shelf. This organizer can slide in and out, making it easy to grab all your bags. It will also keep delicate fruits and vegetables from being stacked and crushed on top of one another.

6. Can dispenser

If soda or other drink cans take up loads of space in your refrigerator, try suspending them from the bottom of a shelf with can dispensers. To fill up this container, you'll simply push the cans sideways onto the organizer. When you want a drink, you can easily remove one, and the rest will slide to the front, making them easily accessible.

7. Skinny can organizer

On the other hand, if you often buy skinny cans, purchase a narrow organizer instead. While this won't save space on your shelves, it will help keep everything well-contained and ensure that your cans never fall over, which could cause a mess. Because these containers are made out of clear plastic, they won't draw attention, either.

8. Portable can holder

If you often have guests over and hate carrying drinks out to your entertaining space from the fridge, try organizing them with these plastic dispensers. They each come with four slots to hold drinks and a small handle that makes them easy to carry. Another benefit is that you can store them vertically in the fridge door, saving you room in the rest of the refrigerator. 

9. Can shelf

Another way to store your cans is by installing a sliding organizer on the bottom of your shelf. Unlike the can dispenser, which holds your cans horizontally, this will keep them all upright. The benefit of this is that it will keep your drink from bubbling over when you pop the can open, which could happen if they were rolling on their side.

10. Herb containers

Those who cook with fresh herbs often see them go bad before they can use them. If this is the case, try using herb containers, which will keep your produce fresh for longer while also helping you organize all your herbs instead of storing them in plastic bags. It's also convenient to store them in the door of your fridge, freeing up space in the rest of the refrigerator for other items.

11. Deli meat container

When you buy deli meat, it usually comes in a plastic bag that could cause it to go bad quickly. Instead, try storing these foods in an airtight container with two compartments for different meats or cheeses. It also has grooves along the bottom and a silicone seal around the edge, which keeps food fresh for much longer. This can also be washed in the dishwasher, making it extremely easy to maintain.

12. Plastic cartons

To decant your liquids into matching containers, buy these plastic cartons with twist-on lids. These are leakproof, so even if they tip over, they shouldn't spill. Further, you could write on the outside with a dry-erase marker to always know what's in each one. The benefit of using consistently-sized containers is that they will make it easy to store all your liquids in one area of your fridge.

13. Drink dispenser

Another option for decanting your drinks is a large dispenser, making it extra simple to remove the right amount of liquid each time. If you fill it with flavored water, this could also persuade you to stay hydrated. If you don't have lots of space in your fridge, this could still benefit you since you could store items on top of the flat surface.

14. Extra condiments bag

Those who always keep their extra condiments from fast food restaurants may have a large pile of them sitting in one of their fridge drawers, which could be wasting space and creating a mess. If this is the case, store these items in a small hanging bag instead. This will remind you to use these condiments since they'll always be open. Further, if one of the packets spills, you can easily wash the bag in the sink.

15. Stackable bins

Vegetables, fruits, and meats can be stored inside refrigerator drawers, which easily stack and can be kept on one of your shelves. These will give you more room, as they'll use more vertical space. Further, they also have drain boards, which will keep your food from sitting in water and growing mold, and ventilation windows, which can also reduce the moisture in the containers. To wash, clean these by hand in the sink.

16. Packaged products container

You may have multiple boxes or bags of food stacked up in a large pile in either the fridge or the freezer. This can make finding what you're looking for difficult, as you'll need to dig through your items to get to the bottom. Instead, to keep everything easily accessible, use a packaged products organizer, which will store all your items vertically.

17. Berry baskets

To make your berries easy to access and more aesthetically pleasing, try keeping them inside ceramic berry containers. However, while these containers have ventilation holes that will prevent mold growth to an extent, the fruit in the middle of the container may also be subject to too much moisture. Because of this, always thoroughly dry your fruit before placing it in the container. 

18. Bacon-slash-meat saver

This Home-X Bacon Saver, which is made for bacon slices or other pieces of meat, is very compact, so it can easily fit inside a drawer or on a shelf. This will keep your food fresh for longer. Further, it will prevent these foods from leaking everywhere and making a mess, which could happen if kept inside their plastic packaging from the grocery store.

19. Pickle strainer

Made for foods like pickles, jalapenos, and pickled peppers, this glass jar helps you remove these foods from the brine just by flipping the container. This will make it easy to snack on these foods when desired while also letting them soak and stay fresh while just sitting in the fridge. Another benefit of this product is that it's dishwasher safe, so it's extremely easy to clean.

20. Organizer with wheels

While there are plenty of bins for the refrigerator on the market, what sets this piece apart is that it has wheels. This will make it easy to slide the drawer to the back or the front of your fridge. Because it has ventilation holes and an open top, it will keep all your produce fresh.

21. Food pouch organizer

Those with young kids could benefit from a food pouch organizer, which attaches to the bottom of one of your shelves. This can hold things like applesauce packets, baby food, and yogurt pouches. Anything with a round-turning top can easily be stored in this organizer, saving you lots of shelf space for other items that cannot be suspended.

22. Cheese slice box

Not only does this organizational item have a fun appearance, but it will also keep all your cheese slices well organized. This can hold up to 24 slices, each perfectly fitting in the durable plastic box. The main benefit of using this item is that it will keep all your cheese slices organized in one area, so they aren't just loose in a drawer, where they could get lost.