Declutter Your Home With The 21 Item Toss Method

Making time to clean those areas that are often neglected, like windows, behind the fridge, and other hard-to-reach areas, is difficult enough, but if you aren't already organized it becomes an even bigger chore. By dealing with clutter before you start cleaning, you'll have more time and space to make your home sparkle. One method to help declutter quickly is to choose 21 items to donate or throw away every day for a week.

This may seem excessive, but not all of the items have to be significant. For example, you could count throwing out an old water bottle as one item and donating a T-shirt that doesn't fit anymore as another. By getting rid of a set number of things each day, you'll quickly notice how much space has been taken up by clutter. If you find it difficult to combat clutter in your home, this 21-toss method could be helpful.

How to declutter your home

It's easy to let belongings you never use take up real estate in your house, which can eventually make it seem small and messy, even if you clean regularly. Sticking to the 21-toss method will mean that in one week, you'll have donated or thrown away 147 items. Of course, if getting rid of 21 items every day seems overwhelming, you can try starting with a smaller number.

A similar method was posted on TikTok by @theblondebibee, but this version discards a different number of items every day over a 90-day period. In the video, a set of small pieces of paper are labeled with numbers one through 30, and then three sets of one through 20. The pieces of paper are then folded in half and placed in a small basket.

Each day, you can remove a slip of paper and whatever number is written on it will be how many items you remove from your home. This method makes each day a new challenge, and by the time you run out of paper slips, you'll have cleared out 1,095 items from your home.

Items to consider for your decluttering spree

Starting the process of decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you're not exactly sure where to start. The easiest way to get rid of stuff is by beginning with the objects you use the least. For those that love DIY projects, it can be a good idea to start by getting rid of tools or supplies from old projects that won't be useful again. For those with children, ditching old kids' clothes, baby items like bibs, bottles, and cribs, and schoolwork from past years can be a great way to start decluttering.

If your pantry is overstuffed, going through it and throwing out expired canned goods can help clear up some space. If you find food that hasn't gone bad but you know you won't use it, you can donate it to a local food pantry. Making a consistent effort to declutter will help you clear space and fall in love with your home again.