How To Transform An Old Purse Into A Flourishing Potted Plant

Decorating with plants has grown quite popular in the last few years with many flocking to nurseries and boutique plant stores. Within the plant craze is a growing market for ornamental plant containers. From thrift stores to farmers' markets and even on the shelves iof some grocery stores, unique pots for plants are popping up everywhere. If you're crafty and want to set yourself apart from the crowd, consider transforming an old purse into a custom planter. Simply line it with some heavy-duty plastic and fill it with potting soil. Then just choose from a variety of purse-friendly plants — your cast-off pocketbook will be the talk of your next dinner party.

Before proceeding, be sure that you are willing to sacrifice an old purse as the soil and water will likely render it unusable again as a fashion accessory. You will also want to consider whether to showcase your finished product outside or inside, as it may only last a season outdoors due to rain, sun, and temperature changes. Alternatively, you could pick up a cheap tote from the store to use instead.

How to transform your old purse

To start, you will need a sturdy pair of scissors, a heavy-duty plastic bag, some potting soil and pea gravel, and a hot glue gun. Begin by cutting a drainage hole in the bottom of the purse with the scissors. Depending on the size of the bag, you may only need one hole about an inch wide in the center. If it's a larger bag, you may want to cut two, one on each end. Proper drainage holes are essential for converting your purse into a planter allowing water to drain so the roots of your plants don't rot.

With the drainage holes made, next line the purse with the heavy-duty plastic and pull about an inch of the bag through the drainage hole at the bottom. Snip the end of the plastic bag so there is an opening — this will protect the inside of the purse while allowing water to escape through the bottom. Trim away any excess plastic left at the top, then with the hot glue gun, adhere the plastic to the inside of the purse at the top and also around the drainage hole. Fill the bottom of the bag with pea gravel to add weight to the bag and protect the roots. Lastly, add your soil, leaving about an inch of room at the top for your plants.

Best plants for your new purse planter

One of the best plants for a purse planter is a succulent. Succulents require little water, so the odds of the planter lasting a few seasons or more will be likely. Succulents are also a great choice because they are low maintenance and add great color and texture to a plain-looking purse. Moreover, since succulents require such infrequent watering, they are a good choice for indoor planters and are less likely to leak onto your furniture.

Another great option is lantana. Lantanas are beautiful flowering plants that are available in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, and yellow. Many also have two-tone colored clusters making them an excellent choice for a neutral-colored purse. Lantanas also are drought-tolerant and thrive in containers, making them ideal for purse planters. Place your lantana outside and you may even attract butterflies with their fragrant nectar — just keep them out of reach from any pets as they are toxic.

If you love to cook and grow your own herbs, why not turn your purse planter into an edible garden! Rosemary, thyme, and sage are all drought-tolerant herbs that grow well in containers, both inside and outside. Not only will they add a great pop of green to your area, but they are also quite fragrant, filling your kitchen with the scent of delicious herbs.