This Ice Hack Will Fix Your Carpet Dents

So you've decided to rearrange your furniture a bit, or switch out a particular piece to freshen up a space, and all of a sudden you notice the annoying dents that the piece of furniture you've moved has left on your carpet. While the severity of the dent will depend on things like how heavy the piece of furniture was or how deep the pile of your carpet is, it's still something that you probably want to get rid of.

While you might be able to get more creative with dents on an area rug, since you can transport the rug itself, your choices are limited when it comes to dealing with floor carpeting that can't be moved in any way. Luckily, there's a quick and easy hack that will help remove those unsightly dents — and it's incredibly easy, and possible with something you definitely have at home.

As Family Handyman explains, one of the best hacks for getting those carpet dents to disappear is to grab a simple cube of ice (or a few, if you're dealing with a particularly large dent). Place the ice in the area where the dent is, and allow it to slowly melt, saturating all the carpet fibers with water. Then, after about 12 hours of soaking, you can grab some type of cloth, paper towel, or sponge to gently soak up all the excess water that has gathered in the carpet dent.

The final step — and a few prevention tips

When the carpet dent is still damp, but no longer absolutely water-logged from your melted ice cube, the final step comes in — and again, it requires a tool that you absolutely have at home, right in your cutlery drawer. As Family Handyman advises, you can use the edge of a regular spoon to gently push and shape the damp carpet fibers, standing them upright from their former squished and flat position. It may take a bit of patience to get it looking exactly how you want it to, but you'll be rid of that eyesore dent by the end of the process.

Despite the hack being quite useful, it may not be something you want to repeat many times around your entire house, so it can also be helpful to know how to prevent those carpet dents from popping up in the first place. According to Carpet & Rug World, using furniture coasters can be a huge help, or if you prefer a seamless look, carpet squares that are kept underneath the legs of particularly heavy pieces of furniture. Additionally, regularly moving your furniture and vacuuming your carpet is key. The material also plays a role; high-density carpet will be less susceptible to dents.

However, with the ice cube hack in your back pocket, you'll no longer live in fear of carpet dents — you know you're equipped to make them disappear within just a few hours.