How To Turn A Simple IKEA Planter Into A Luxurious Bedroom Nightstand

Having a solid bedside table is a necessity, but when it comes time to select the best nightstand for your bedroom, the available options might seem a little expensive for such a small piece of furniture. Despite their typically simple design, one nightstand will often cost upwards of $100, with prices only increasing as styles get more trendy or complex. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to complete her bedroom, however, clever TikToker @our_home_style found a way to create her very own custom-looking nightstands using planters from IKEA.

In a recent video, she showed her process of picking up materials and building a functional piece for a fraction of a typical bedside table's price. This project is super simple to complete, doesn't require any tools, and only costs around $45 for all of the necessary pieces. Repurposing planters you already have or thrifting your own could cut the cost of your DIY bed table down even more.

How to build your own bedside table

In her video, @our_home_style uses two different planters, a lazy Susan, some glue, and spray paint to complete her project. If you want to recreate this design yourself, you'll need the same materials. According to the TikTok, she's using the SNUDDA Lazy Susan, the 9 1/2 inch PERSILLADE Plant Pot, and the CITRUSKRYUDDA Plant Pot. The CITRUSKRYUDDA Plant Pot isn't currently available on IKEA's American website, but you could substitute it with the 9 3/4 inch by 4 3/4 inch PERSILLADE Plant Pot for a similar look.

Once she gets home, she flips over the taller plant pot so the mouth becomes the base and places the shorter pot on top. She glues the pieces together, then spray paints them black. In her video, her pots are two different colors, so if you ended up buying just the two PERSILLADE pots, you could leave them unpainted for a more natural look as they're the same material. Finally, she places the Lazy Susan on top of the pot to act as the tabletop, and she's left with a complete, functional nightstand.

How to customize this hack

If you want to personalize this hack, you could get more creative with the materials you use. Buying them new from IKEA is an easy way to ensure everything will fit together — in the video, both of the pots have a similar-sized base so they stack easily — but you could just as simply buy similar items secondhand or repurpose unused plant pots you have in storage. Just make sure you measure everything and are choosing pots that are sturdy and stable. You want to avoid any wobbling or cracking once you actually put your nightstand to use.

Additionally, you have the freedom to paint the pots any color you want or swap the tabletop for a different material. Any round serving tray, cutting board, or large plate, like this OMBONAD Serving Plate, can do the job. As long as it is a relatively flat surface that's larger than the opening of your top pot, you have room to experiment with your size, material, and finish.