How Far Should Your Grill Be Placed From Your Home?

There's nothing quite like an outdoor barbecue with friends and family. Warm weather, delicious food, and great company are the perfect combination. However, if not executed properly, barbecuing could easily go from a fun day of entertainment to a serious safety hazard. With this in mind, it's particularly critical that homeowners keep their grills a safe distance away from buildings and nature.

Unless otherwise noted on a grill manufacturer's instructions, grills should be used at least 10 feet away from any structures. This includes homes, sheds, pool houses, as well as flammable vegetation like tree branches and bushes.

Whether it's fueled by propane or charcoal, no grill should ever be used indoors. This also means that homeowners should not grill underneath any outdoor area with an awning or overhanging canopy. Keeping your grill at least 10 feet from your home and other flammable objects is just the first step in ensuring a safe outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

Creating a clean working area

Once you've found the perfect, safe place to set up your grill, it's time to create a clean work environment. There are countless cleaning supplies and techniques to get a sparkling grill. Although a common and inexpensive tool for cleaning grills, wire brushes pose a serious health threat since the bristles can break off during the cleaning process and end up in food. Instead, pair bristle-free brushes with dish soap and water to scrub away excess grease, or use natural cleaning remedies. 

If your grill requires a propane tank, be sure to take note of its expiration date. Standard propane tanks are good to use for 12 years. Check the expiration date, which will be at the collar of the tank, before use. Once you have created a clean, safe space to grill at least 10 feet away from your home and other potential hazards, there are a few more safety precautions to be mindful of. 

Keeping the area safe

While you and your workstation may be prepared to begin grilling safely, it's important that your area stays clean and safe throughout the entire cooking process. At outdoor gatherings, guests have a tendency to linger around the chef preparing their food. Whether it's a young child, pet, or even an adult with flammable items like alcohol or cigarettes, all are subject to accidents if too close to a grill. 

In fact, children under the age of five accounted for 46% (2,820 cases) of contact burns from a grill or hot coals, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Pets and children should be at least 3 feet away from grills and propane tanks at all times to avoid accidental burns and fires. The easiest way to make sure your friends, family, and home are safe from the dangers of grilling is to keep it supervised. Whether it's the chef or another adult, someone should be watching the grill at all times.