5 Ways To Make Your Patio The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Destination

When the weather is good and the sun is out, there is really no reason for you to stay cooked up indoors. While everyone else is thinking of the perfect getaway to some destination, you can have all that close to home. Having a nice and accommodating patio space has many benefits, including providing ample space where you can host a small party or just gather around with family and friends and soak up the sun (via Old North State Landscape Development).

However, making the outdoor space on the patio cozy requires more than planting a few potted plants and throwing down a rug. With a little experimentation and some creativity, you can transform this area into an entertainment joint of your liking. While creating your dream oasis, be sure to include features that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even during the night. Let's face it; parties that continue late after the sun is down are more memorable. To get the most out of your patio, we have compiled a few things that will help you achieve exactly that. Stick around to find out more.

1. Get the right seats

The outdoor seats are the first thing you should consider when thinking about how you can make your patio as comfortable and accommodating as possible. Getting the right chairs will quickly transform your otherwise simple stone veranda into a comfortable and functional space. However, many homeowners often pick outdoor seats based on what they look like. While appearances do matter, there are other things that are of more concern, for instance, the space you have, comfort, functionality, and the material of the seats. According to Nashville Billiard, there are essentially four materials when it comes to outdoor furniture: aluminum, wood, wicker, and iron.

Before settling on any given material, think about the weather: Does the sun beat down on the patio, or is there too much wind that will send the plastic chairs flying? It is important to ask yourself these questions in order to get things right. You need to consider the chair's material properties carefully and how they match up against the weather in your region. But, nonetheless, providing a comfortable place for your guests to kick back and enjoy is likely to start off your outdoor experience on a good note.

2. Set up a fire pit

If you are serious about creating an incredible outdoor destination, then you have to think about setting up a fire pit right on the patio. This is a great addition to your space, not to mention you don't have to dig too deep into your pocket. Installation costs range from $200 to $3,000, according to HomeAdvisor, which means you can definitely find one that fits your budget.

Think about it; what better way to make memories with friends and family other than on a fire pit roasting marshmallows? This addition is a perfect setup for having deep, meaningful conversations with friends, especially during cold nights, since fire has a therapeutic effect that brings people closer, allowing everyone to bond easily. Sprucing up your patio with comfortable seats will still feel incomplete without installing a nice fire pit as the missing piece of the puzzle. It will not only improve the aesthetic but also take the outdoor setting experience up a notch.

Another reason why the fire pit should be a must-have is to make the patio a multi-season space. When the temperature drops, it shouldn't mean you stop enjoying outdoor activities. Lighting up the fire pit and having a few blankets on hand allows you to enjoy sitting outside during the cold seasons.

3. Take the kitchen outside

Take your outdoor experience to the next level by bringing your meal prep outside. Preparing meals inside the house for the crowd outdoors is no fun, so consider investing in an outdoor kitchen right on your patio to increase the interactivity factor for everyone, including yourself. An outdoor kitchen allows you to host parties easily and prepare your meals outside, regardless of the season. Outdoor kitchen areas are built to function the same as the ones inside the house, so, not only do they provide a cooking area where the fun is, but they double up as a socialization zone as well.

Contrary to popular belief, installing this feature on your terrace should not break the bank. In fact, building one on a pre-existing patio will save you a lot of costs: According to Bankrate, the cost ranges from $5,489 to $22,081. However, it is also worth mentioning that an outdoor kitchen can be as simple as having a grill only or as sophisticated as a custom-built structure with a built-in stove, sink, and any other appliance that you want. So work around your budget and create a functional space that you will love.

4. Install colorful lighting

Providing enough lighting to your patio is one way of making sure your party extends later after the sun sets. You need your guests to see one another and also feel safe when moving about. However, outdoor lighting doesn't have to be all about security; think about how to provide the ultimate experience for your guests and experiment with colorful lighting. There is something about colorful lighting that sets the mood for a good evening, so multicolored twinkling LED lights would be a great option.

Essentially, outdoor lighting need not be useful only; in fact, when done right, having soft glows installed on the patio will make the space more inviting and the evening more special. While plenty of options are available, string lights are the most versatile and budget-friendly option, per Universal Screens. They are not only easy to install but can wrap around trees or even suspend around the whole patio for added illumination. As you are thinking about lighting up the outdoors, make sure to also provide sufficient brightness along the paths around your home.

5. Provide a shade

It always seems a nice idea to hold a party outdoors when the sun is out until your guest starts getting sunburnt. Part of making the patio area cozy and comfortable is providing ample shade to protect it from harmful UV rays. Other than providing protection against the scorching sun, shades also serve as aesthetic accessories on the patio. To make your outdoor area more fun and enjoyable, you must consider your shading needs. According to All American Outdoor Living, there are three main types of patio shades: awnings, umbrellas, and blinds.

Before settling for any type of patio shade, it is imperative that you think about its purpose. Remember, a good shade should be able to provide a functional purpose and make your veranda look good at the same time. An unattractive one might provide the necessary protection but will do a lot of disservices in your setting. It is quite clear that a one-fits-all mentality will not apply when choosing the right shade for your patio, but being objective with your needs will help you pick an ideal one.