Why Decorating Your Fridge For The Season Has TikTok Confused

When you hear that someone decorates their fridge, you probably imagine festive magnets or artwork hung on the exterior. However, this isn't the case for TikToker Eve Scampoli, or GardenofEve. While the outside of her refrigerator is completely bare, the inside is perfectly arranged like the shelves are on display in her living room. For instance, she often places an orchid, eucalyptus, and a framed photo of her cat inside, as well as bottles of beverages and organized collections of ingredients. She also adds specialty items for seasons and holidays, like pumpkins in the fall, a pine branch in the winter, and a basket of eggs in the spring.

On TikTok, Eve Scampoli's content is leaving viewers confused, since decorating the inside of your fridge can seem ridiculous and pointless to some. In the comments of one of her videos, a person wrote, "That's a useless fridge lol." Because there's so many decorations and not a lot of food, many people say that Scampoli must not cook. Someone else added, "This must be a home of someone who has no cooking skills and Uber eats every night." Finally, others find this to be so absurd that they wrote things like, "This is proof [of] how messed up our world is in 2023."

An explanation of the extra-staged fridge

While a decorated fridge may seem pointless to some, for Eve Scampoli, it's actually quite fun and even beneficial. The main reason why she started decorating her fridge was because, after moving away from her large family, she struggled to make the right amount of food for just herself. "At first I had trouble with proportions, because I had to learn to turn from family style to cooking just for me," she tells Today. Because of this, as she gathers her groceries, she keeps her decorations (which limit her storage space) in mind, and this helps her purchase smaller amounts that are better suited to just one person.

Further, she also exposes in one of her TikToks that many of her fridge decorating videos are fake. "It's staged, it's fully staged you guys, I'm not gonna lie to you," she says. After she's done filming, she says she removes her orchid plant, which would die if it was kept in the cold for too long, as well as some of the other items. Another way she makes her refrigerator look so appealing is by hiding away leftovers and other less aesthetic items in the drawers. Additionally, most of her videos don't showcase the door storage, which is probably where her condiments and other items are kept. We also don't know what her freezer looks like, which could be where she keeps her meats and other items.

Decorating inside your fridge for the seasons

However, even though Eve Scampoli's videos may be staged, some may still want to take inspiration from her. Additionally, while many of the comments on Scampoli's videos are negative, some say that decorating the inside of your fridge is a great idea. One person writes in the comments of another video, "I love to see how other people find joy in this life! So cute." To do this practically, you may need to designate a space for things that are less aesthetic, like Scampoli does with the drawers and door storage in her fridge. Then, you can switch out decorative elements with the changing of the seasons.

In every season, you can include a vase with flowers or other items inside it, and keeping this in the fridge will preserve the bloom's freshness. Baby's breath and greenery are the perfect base, upon which you can add things like flowers in the spring and summer, pumpkins on stems in the fall, and pine branches in the winter. You can also use regular decorations that you might have around your home in the fridge. Add a skeleton in the fall, Elf on the Shelf in the winter, and a wicker basket in the spring. Finally, to make your decorations useful, use unique storage containers, like ones with hearts for Valentine's Day.