The Most Genius TikTok Cleaning Products You Can Find On Amazon

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Many hours can be spent scrolling through TikTok's "CleanTok," which features all sorts of aspects of cleaning. Some are devoted to how cleaning is great for your mental health, others focus on testing out new tips and tricks, and plenty of upper-middle-class folks showcase how they rearrange their already-pristine skincare cabinet. Many people can't seem to stop watching, especially due to the relaxation qualities of the videos. But the most beloved cleaning videos are the ones that display innovative cleaning tools and solutions. 

Plenty of us dread cleaning, but that's usually because we don't have the proper supplies, which can make the entire process not only easier but even enjoyable. And any small purchase that makes the weekly, monthly, or even semi-annual deep clean more bearable, we are willing to give it a shot. But it can sometimes be hard to track down where a TikToker has gotten their impressive arsenal of pastes and devices. Luckily, we tracked them down for you on Amazon, so you, too, can clean with the best of them. 

1. To remove stuck-on pet hair and lint

While weekly vacuuming is a good start on combatting pet hair and matted lint in your carpets and rugs, it's just not cutting it. Countless TikTok videos have shown how carpets that have been vacuumed still have plenty of debris by pulling it out with a Portable Lint Remover. Just glide the rake over a small section and watch the magic happen as the tiny claws disentangle fur and hair from the carpet fibers. This is a must-have for pet owners and is currently available for about $9.

2. Keep the limescale out of your coffee

Nothing can put you off of your morning cup of Joe like seeing a bunch of calcium particles floating around, which are the result of hard water. However, you can use a Coffee and Espresso Descaler and Cleaner, a powdered solution you can run through your coffee machine to get a deep clean that easily removes limescale. It can be used on almost any coffee brewer, from Keurigs to classic drips. Available for $17.

3. Stamp out dirty toilets

Obviously, nobody likes a smelly toilet. These darling Toilet Bowl Gel Stamps adhere to the bowl of your toilet, helping to keep things clean and release a pleasant aroma after each flush. They wear down naturally over time so that you won't be left with sticky residue, and the weekly deep clean will be less of a to-do. This set includes five different fragrances: orchid and lavender, lily, Shangri-la, English pear freesia, and lime and basil citrus. They are listed at $19. 

4. Handheld power scrubber

Power tools aren't just for DIY projects. TikTok has introduced us to the wonderful world of Electric Spin Scrubbers that work like a drill, but instead of bits, they have different brush head attachments for easy, fast, and frankly, super satisfying cleaning. Most sets include a sponge, scrubber, bristle, and bristle head, as well as some narrower brushes for hard-to-reach areas. If you are someone who gets back pain while cleaning, look for a long-armed kit that can be used while standing up. The product shown here is available for about $22. 

5. Scrub Mommy and Daddy

Scrub Mommy and Daddy have developed a bit of a cult following on TikTok. Made from a special foam, these sponges can slice through grease, dirt, and even mold just by soaking the sponges with water. The Scrub Daddy is just a scrubber, but the Scrub Mommy has a scrub and sponge side, so you can scour with one side and absorb excess product with the other. These are superstars in the bathrooms and kitchen. This variety pack is listed at about $46. 

6. Wipe away the sandwich crumbs from your keyboard

If you're someone who eats lunch at your computer, no judgment, but we promise we can tell just by looking at your keyboard. To get rid of crumbs, smudges, and dust, a Keyboard Cleaner can do so easily and quickly. The tiny bristles of this brush can efficiently reach the nooks and crannies between the keys, and the alcohol-based cleaner solution dries up quickly, preventing the liquid from flooding the electronic components. The price is $25.

7. A broom you can disinfect

Ever looked at your broom after sweeping the kitchen floor and wondered how you're going to clean it? Traditional bristles hold onto hair and dirt, making them ineffective over time. For an easier-to-clean choice, go for an All-Surface Silicone Broom. It can be wiped down and disinfected, and it works as both a broom and squeegee, enabling it to clean both dry and wet spills. Plus, unlike the classic broom, the silicone broom is on an even, solid plane, which makes getting the debris onto the dust pan a bit easier. It's available for $35. 

8. Solid gel for hard to reach areas

This isn't your standard hair gel. Sort of like a cross between play dough and a sticky gel toy, Cleaning Gel can form to just about any odd shape, reaching deep to pull out dust and dirt without requiring a spray down and wiping or removing tiny hardware. This is ideal for areas like air vents, cup holders, gear shifts, keyboards, game controllers, remotes, or anywhere that makes traditional scrubbing impossible. The price is $6. 

9. The magical Pink Stuff

Whether or not The Pink Stuff is the magical super-cleaner TikTok proclaims it to be is still yet to be determined, but if you're interested in trying it out for yourself, it's available on Amazon. This product is a cleaning paste lionized for being able to cut through major messes with ease and without having the usual hazardous chemical ingredient list of most traditional household cleaners. A tub of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is currently available for $6. 

10. Microwave steam cleaner

When there's a giant molten cheese explosion in the microwave, and nobody wants to fess up, it's good to have the right tool in your arsenal. And it's better if it shares the look of disappointment on your face. May we introduce the Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner? Simply fill this menacing but darling tool with water and vinegar, microwave it for five to seven minutes, and then wipe the microwave down with clean water before drying it with a cloth. The price is $7. 

11. Spin this mop right round

The Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System is a favorite among TikTokers. By giving the mop a quick spin before using it on the floor, you draw out excess water, meaning you're less likely to swirl dirty water around on the ground and instead can scrub away the dirt and grease. Plus, this decreases drying time on your floors, which is a must if you have a busy household. The mop head can also be removed, washed, and sanitized in a washing machine for extended life. It's listed at $50. 

12. The new and improved dry mop

Some of us will never want to mop the old-fashioned way, and that's okay. That's where the Spray Mop comes in. Unlike a Swiffer, the dry mop uses a cloth mat that can be tossed in the washing machine after use. Cloth mop heads can handle stuck-on messes, whereas paper and disposable towelettes are likely to just wear out after a short period of time. Spray mops are also excellent for anyone with back pain or other disabilities because you can just spray from the handle and scrub — no bending or lugging a bucket of water around the kitchen. It's available for $19. 

13. Garbage disposal cleaner

Sometimes we are guilty of taking our garbage disposal for granted, believing that our job is done once we shred food with its powerful blades. But that just isn't the case. Of course, you don't want to reach your hand into the abyss and hope for the best, so why not try the Garbage Disposal Cleaner Deodorizer Tablets? These can remove food gunk and eliminate the resulting odor without risking injury. The price is currently listed at $12. 

14. Scrub up with a powerwash spray

Most of us have a bottle of regular Dawn dish soap sitting at our kitchen sinks, but the Dawn Dish Powerwash Spray has absolutely blown it out of the water on TikTok. Powerwash typically requires far less scrubbing against hard food residue and grease and melts away food particles. Additionally, getting a super clean dish requires less water, making it an improvement for your water bill. A fresh bottle and three refill canisters are available on Amazon for about $17. 

15. Stress-free carpet and upholstery stain removal

We would pay just about anything to never experience that heart-sinking feeling that happens when you spill spaghetti sauce on the carpet. And TikTok swears by Folex's Instant Carpet Spot Remover. It can also be used on upholstery, so it's a must-have if you're someone who tends to eat dinner on the couch. It comes with a super absorbent towel and is priced at $20. 

16. Pretty and reusable Swedish dishcloths

Also known as reusable paper towels, Swedish Dishcloths are super functional and often darling cleaning accessories. Unlike traditional alternatives, these absorb and release water like a basic paper towel, but they can also be rinsed and reused many times. When one of them gets too dirty, you can just pop them in the dishwasher to give it a refresher. They also dry quickly, reducing the chances of mold or mildew growth. A pack of five is currently $15. 

17. Steam away grime

Vacuuming and sweeping can help to remove visible, loose debris, but you need to apply water to the equation to get at any hard-to-remove spills. The Shark S1000 Steam Mop is a solid choice for this task because it both cleans and sanitizes thanks to the high heat of steam. It doesn't require any chemical cleaners, but it should be noted that this mop shouldn't replace your weekly vacuuming because adding water to dirt and debris just equals mud. This product comes with two reusable cleaning pads and is available for $60. 

18. When's the last time you cleaned your walls?

Your weekly cleaning list probably involves wiping down the floors, sinks, counters, and so on. But you're probably forgetting one area that attracts tons of dust, grease, and sticky fingerprints — your walls. But because walls are well, walls, it's difficult to reach the entire surface area. TikTok users recommend the Long Handle Wall Cleaner to tackle the job with ease. It can reach up to 5 feet, so you can also get into cobwebbed corners. The price is currently $40. 

19. The no-scrub shower cleaner

Perhaps your least favorite chore is cleaning the shower. That's because it's literally backbreaking labor that requires hunching over and extending our arms to clean the walls properly. So a mold and mildew remover that requires zero scrubbing sounds a bit too good to be true, but TikTok swears by the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner. It comes with a spray pump so you can apply it to the entire shower in an even coat. Just spray it, let it sit for eight to 12 hours, and then rinse. It's currently listed for $21. 

20. Green, mean, carpet cleaning machine

For a long time, the only decent carpet cleaners available were for commercial use, which meant they were bulky, heavy, and wildly expensive. But TikTokers swear by the Bissell Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. It's lightweight and has powerful suction capabilities, great for anyone with pets, little ones, or crafting addicts. It can pull up stains without totally soaking your upholstery and cushions and comes with a cleaning solution. It's currently available for about $123.

21. No-scrub mold removal gel

Mold and mildew tend to grow in wet and humid areas, which makes drains and seals around showers and sinks especially vulnerable. We appreciate any product that makes mold and mildew removal easy, quick, and seemingly effortless compared to traditional scrubbing techniques. For this task, TikTok recommends the Mold Stain Cleaning Gel. Let it rest on the problem area for three to 10 hours, then rinse. The price is $14. 

22. Keep the mess in the toilet bowl

There's nothing more icky than cleaning your toilet bowl only to find that part of the mess has nestled its way into the bristles of your brush. To eliminate this problem, use a non-plastic, Silicone Toilet Brush instead. They are much easier to spray down and sanitize than traditional brushes, which use plastic bristles. You may also find that the silicone brush head is better at slipping under the rim of the toilet, leading to a cleaner toilet. It's currently available for about $10.