Bobby Berk's Favorite Bed Style That Maximizes Bedroom Storage Space

Bobby Berk of the Netflix show "Queer Eye" is an expert at designing small spaces. This is because he had to live in tiny apartments for a portion of his life. "I lived in New York for years," Berk told Homes & Gardens. His solution to making the spaces work for him? "I always made sure that whatever I was putting into my space did double duty." In other words, he chose furniture that had multiple functions, like a bench with a storage compartment.

In the bedroom, choosing the right bed is crucial, as it needs to do "double duty," as Berk would say. "I'm a huge fan of platform beds with dressers underneath," Berk told Elle Decor. "There's so much real estate under your bed that can be maximized with proper storage." These beds can sometimes be lifted up off the ground so that you can store items inside your own bins or compartments underneath, while some only include built-in drawers. Luckily, there are various designs to choose from to fit your needs.

Benefits of a storage bed

Storage beds are useful because they help maximize the amount of usable space in your bedroom. Instead of struggling to find a place for a large dresser, choose a bed that has built-in clothes storage, which will, as Bobby Berk says, allow you to "utilize your space from top to bottom, not just side to side," per Homes & Gardens. Another benefit of a storage bed is that it reduces the visual clutter in your space since all your items will be tucked away underneath the bed. "Always look for pieces that have a little extra room to store things which will help keep everything hidden that doesn't need to be out," Berk wrote on his blog.

Even if you have room for a dresser or store your clothes in a large closet, a storage bed may still benefit you. The space under your mattress could be the perfect area to keep your seasonal items or anything you rarely use. To really maximize your storage space, Berk recommends using vacuum seal bags. "Vacuum seal bags are a great hack to make room," he explained on his blog.

Storage bed options

If you're ready to purchase one of these double-duty pieces of furniture, you should peruse some of your options first. Luckily, there are plenty of storage beds on the market. The Bret Upholstered Storage Bed has three drawers, one on each side and one at the foot of the bed, and is available on Wayfair. Another choice is a platform bed, allowing you to place your storage bins and baskets underneath, such as the Essential Platform Bed Frame from Tuft and Needle.

However, there is a more elaborate option from Home Depot, which has two drawers on one side but also lifts from the top so that you can use all of the space underneath the mattress. Finally, the Emmett Side Storage Bed from West Elm has two side drawers on each side and is luxuriously designed. This bed can be customized to your tastes, from the headboard type to the specific fabric used.