Create A DIY Trellis Cage With A Pool Noodle

Embracing the joys of home gardening often leads to innovative solutions and inventive DIY projects. One such creative project uses everyday summer items like pool noodles to create functional support structures for climbing plants. A trellis cage made from a pool noodle is cost-effective and a colorful, fun addition to your garden. It only requires PVC pipes, pool noodles, and tools for cutting the materials. Use the pipes to create your desired trellis structure and the pool noodles to provide some cushion and design flair!

This practical, easy-to-create DIY project offers an excellent support system for climbing plants such as tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers. But the utility of pool noodles extends beyond merely crafting trellis cages. These lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant foams can be fashioned into various gardening aids, providing ample support and protection for your green friends. We will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a DIY trellis cage with a pool noodle and explore alternative uses of pool noodles in your garden. From garden markers to produce protectors, you'll be amazed at the versatility of this humble pool accessory.

How to create a trellis cage

Gather your materials based on the desired trellis size, including pool noodles and 1/2-inch PVC pipes. Pool noodles serve as covers to hide the PVC pipes that form the frame for your trellis, providing structure. Start by cutting pool noodles to fit around your PVC pipes' lengths, with length adjustments depending on what your plants require. After cutting them to size, make lengthwise cuts along one side of every section, then slide the pool noodles over PVC pipes until they adequately protect each pipe, creating a structure with firm support and security. Next, place the PVC pipes upright and anchor them securely into the ground to support your plants as they grow. 

If you're using round cages for climbing plants, like tomatoes, pool noodles can also be adapted to safeguard your vines. Cut the noodles to size, create a slit down one side, and affix it over the cage's top. This modification prevents the vines from crimping as they mature. A pool noodle trellis cage offers a variety of benefits for your garden. Not only are pool noodles lightweight and flexible, enabling you to adjust them as your plants grow, but they are also inexpensive and readily available at dollar stores or discount retailers.

Additional pool noodle uses in the garden

Pool noodles serve a variety of ingenious uses in the garden beyond creating DIY trellis cages. They can be an effective guide for your garden hose. Slipping a pool noodle over the hose can prevent tangles or damage and smoothly guide it around corners and edges. Additionally, pool noodles can serve as garden markers. Cut them into small sections and write the name of each plant on individual pieces. Placing these markers in the soil adjacent to their respective plants can help keep your garden organized, and you informed about what's growing where.

Pool noodles can also safeguard your produce in raised garden beds. Placing cut-to-size pool noodles around the edges of these beds can protect your fruits, vegetables, or flowers from potential harm. In addition, they can be used to protect railings and fences around the garden. Lastly, pool noodles can be a cushioning agent for the avid gardener. Cut them into appropriate lengths and use them to pad the handles of your garden tools, such as shovels and rakes, enhancing their comfort during use.