Jenny Tinder

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Charlotte, NC
Portland State University, National University
Staging Homes For Sale, Inexpensive And Effective DIY Projects, Planning For Successful Home Remodel Projects
  • Jenny has bought and sold more than half-a-dozen homes ranging from newly-built to 30+ years old.
  • Her most peculiar discovery in a purchased home? The five-foot tall cardboard Oscar statue in the attic.
  • Jenny also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.


Jenny's passion for home improvement projects ranges from painting a wall to more ambitious projects like building home additions. With an uncanny ability to uncover hidden gems in the real estate market, she expertly transforms these homes into personalized havens. Jenny has lived in all four time zones in the US, always in search of the perfect home. Jenny's vibrant writing career, spanning several years, encompasses a vast array of genres and formats. Her corporate writing experiences have seen her crafting everything from meticulous project and sales documentation to precise legal testimony and project progress reports. Recently, she has teamed up with Aces in Action, infusing new life into their content, giving their social media posts a fresh spin, and embarking on exciting blog and newsletter projects.


Jenny holds a B.S. degree in Psychology and Technical Writing from Portland State University and an MBA from National University.
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