Here's Why You Should Be Washing Your Clothes Inside Out

Whether you have to put on a fun playlist, sip a cup of tea, or just muscle through it, laundry is one of those tedious household tasks that can't be avoided — at least not for long. Every week, most people spend an average of 64 minutes washing their laundry, plus an additional 22 minutes ironing, folding, and putting clothes away, according to The Folde. Since you're likely already spending almost an hour and a half doing laundry every week, we'd like to give you a little extra challenge. Next time you're doing laundry, take a few more minutes and turn your clothing inside out before washing! There are three big reasons why you should be washing your clothes inside out: for color integrity, fabric durability, and a better clean.

But how could simply turning clothes inside out make that much of a difference? Why does it matter? It matters if you care about health, cleanliness, and saving money. Here's what can happen when you consistently wash clothes right side out, what it does to your clothing over time, and even what it can do to your washing machine. 

Get a better and brighter clean

Unless you've been working out in a field all day, the inside of your clothes are probably dirtiest, so it just makes sense to turn them inside out before you wash them. Sweat, natural oils, and dead skin cells accumulate on the inside of your clothes, so washing them inside out may help to remove them better and prevent buildup and sweat stains. Washing your clothes improperly or not washing them often enough can even lead to skin conditions like rashes, acne, and bacterial infections. When you wash inside out, the detergent and water will have direct access to the sweat and oils, and it will do a better job of cleaning your clothing and eliminating body odors.

It's normal for colorful clothing to fade over time, but washing your clothes inside out will also help to prevent color running. Many fabrics are only printed or dyed on one side — the outside — so flipping items inside out will limit the dye's exposure to powerful soaps, hot water, and rubbing in the wash. By protecting your clothes' rightful colors, you're also keeping them from bleeding onto other items and reducing the risk that they could have visible detergent stains when worn.

Take care of your clothes and machines

Turning your clothes inside out will do more than just clean and brighten them effectively; it also protects them from wear and tear in the machine. Pilling on clothes is caused by consistent abrasion, which is why you'll often see pilling in the armpit or crotch seam area. Washing machines operate by rubbing clothes against each other, but unfortunately, this friction can lead to all-over pilling. Flipping the clothes inside out will reduce pilling and protect any appliqués or graphic designs from fading, tearing, or peeling off. 

By turning your clothes inside out, you can also protect your washing machine and dryer from accidental damage. When buttons, zippers, drawstrings, and more are flipped up inside the clothes, they'll be less likely to fall off and get caught in the machine or scratch up the inside of the barrel. You'll also get to enjoy a quieter washing and drying cycle without the constant clinking and scraping sounds! Flipping your clothing inside out may seem like an additional chore, but by taking care of the items you already have, you can save yourself the headache of buying new clothes and washing machine repairs.