This Command Hook Hack Is Perfect For A Trash Bag That Slips Into The Can

Nothing is worse than a garbage bag that slips inside the trash can. This scenario becomes even more inconvenient if you're holding your trash in hand and are forced to root around to bring it back up again. Thankfully, you can use Command hooks to keep the bag in place and avoid that messy situation.

The hack is simple: Stick two Command hooks upside down on either side of your trash bin. You want the hooks facing toward the floor. Then, take the drawstrings of your bag and loop them through the hooks. Loop the handles through the hooks if you use leftover grocery bags for smaller cans. And voila! It should stay snuggly in place until you can toss it out.

Command hooks come in varying sizes, determined by their weight capacity. Small hooks can hold up to ½ pound, while jumbo hooks can hold up to 5 pounds. You can choose one that best matches the size of your bin. A smaller hook should suffice if you're dealing with a tiny bathroom trash can. But if you want to hold up a 5-gallon trash bag, going for a jumbo hook is your best bet.

How to make your Command hook stick

While applying Command hooks is pretty self-explanatory — you remove the sticker on the sticky end and press down firmly — sometimes it doesn't stick as well as you would like it to. And depending on what material your trashcan is, you might have some trouble with slipping. However, that doesn't mean you should give up on the garbage bag hack. There are a few things you can do to help make the hooks adhere better.

The transparent strips work best on smooth surfaces, which makes them slightly finicky. Go for the opaque version for a better grip. If you're looking to secure a trash bag in your bathroom, forgo the standard hooks and pick up a pair designed specifically for outdoor or bathroom applications. These are designed to withstand humidity, giving you a better grip.

It's also essential to sufficiently clean the area before applying the hook since dirt or residue interferes with the adhesive. Quickly clean the spot on your trash can with a Magic Eraser and follow with rubbing alcohol. Once it's dry, apply the hook — it should stick perfectly!

Other ways to keep your trash bag in place

If you don't want to go the Command hook route, there are other hacks you can enlist to achieve the same results. One popular option is to use a large binder clip to secure the bag. This works best with rectangular bins, as the clip won't sit flush against a circular one. Add one clip to each corner to ensure the bag sits snuggly against the container. However, using only one will keep it from sliding down the can.

To create a tighter seal, you can also enlist the help of extra-large rubber bands. Simply take one of these long bands and slip it over the bag where it meets the bin's overhang. This will cinch it in place, ensuring it doesn't fall regardless of the amount of garbage you've accumulated. You'd generally purchase these as a bundle, so you would have plenty of replacements when one breaks or becomes dirty. Whichever method you choose, you will no longer have the problem of your trash bags slipping into the can.