Add Knobs To Any Cabinet Without Drilling Any Holes

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Maybe you're not in love with the cabinet knobs that came with your house or apartment. Perhaps you like the idea of customizing your hardware but are held back by the thought of obtaining power tools or are looking for a renter-friendly, non-permanent solution that won't attract the ire of your landlord. Swapping out or adding cabinet knobs can be a fun, low-key way to update a space, and many options for attaching them don't require drilling. From DIY options like glue and double-sided tape to ordering a purposely designed no-drill knob, there are many choices depending on the look you're going for and the amount of effort you want to invest.

Before you attach your knobs, there are some easy ways to ensure they look satisfactory. Using an adhesive putty can help you temporarily stick the knobs to the door to experiment with placement. An inexpensive plastic installation template ensures the knobs are aligned so the finished product looks clean and professional, no matter what tactic you use.

DIY no-drill options

Glue might sound like the lowest-maintenance route for attaching your knobs; not all adhesives are created equal. Because cabinet pulls are made to be, well, pulled, any glue you buy needs to be up to the task of the daily wear and tear the cabinet will go through. If you're trying to secure metal knobs to wooden cabinets, experts recommend a heavy-duty super glue or a two-step epoxy. This involves mixing a resin and a hardener that will secure the knobs in place once dry. If you're applying epoxy or glue to your cabinets, you should clean the surface beforehand and find a way to clamp or hold the knob in place until it is fully dried. 

Like command strips, double-sided tape or adhesive strips are another easy way to attach cabinet knobs. Command strips can be cut to fit the shape and size of your knob; after that, simply place the strip on the cabinet door, peel off the backing, and press the knob firmly into the strip according to the instructions. As always, if you're looking for a renter-friendly option or one you can remove later without damaging painted cabinets, ensure the tape you use is paint-friendly.

Buying no-drill cabinet knobs

If you're looking for convenience over an abundance of options, many retailers have a selection of cabinet knobs that don't require drilling. These usually either come with their own pre-sized adhesive backing or are even made to simply slide over the cabinet with no need for any kind of adhesive at all. Going this route will leave you with fewer product choices, which might mean you have to compromise if you have a specific look in mind. However, if your priority is an easy fix or one that isn't permanent, this is a great option.

Power tools don't have to be a part of the equation if you're trying to update or personalize your cabinets. Inexpensive supplies like glue and double-sided tape or no-drill products are ready to purchase, meaning there are many ways to customize your cabinets without leaving a mark or breaking the bank.