The Chef-Grade Costco Sink Design Experts Swear By For A Functional Kitchen

Costco delivers way beyond basics like bulk-sized groceries and can be a great source for everything from appliances to décor. On the list of some of the top things to get from Costco, chef-grade sinks are luxury appliances that can enhance the kitchen experience in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Also known as professional-grade or commercial sinks, these pieces are highly desirable for culinary enthusiasts and typically come with additional features and accessories that enhance workflow. And the Kohler Cater accessorized kitchen sink from Costco is an option that will save you tons of money.

Chef-grade sinks are typically larger and deeper than the standard sinks used in the home, which is great for preparing food, washing dishes, and cleaning large tools and accessories. They are also constructed with heavy-duty materials, so they're strong, durable, and resistant to stains, scratches, and dents. Stainless steel, a common material used in chef-grade sinks, is hygienic and easy to maintain. Upgrading to a chef-grade sink can add a sleek look to your kitchen and add to the value of your home — and the Cater sink makes it possible to do on a budget.

The Kohler Cater Sink

The Cater Sink is an 18-gauge stainless steel accessorized kitchen sink created by Kohler, a well-known manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom appliances. It is designed to be an independent workstation that is effective from its accessories to the amount of space it takes up. This sink style is especially great if you cook a lot and if your kitchen has limited counter space. It costs under $350 and comes with a "stainless steel sink rack, bamboo cutting board, and two-piece colander set, per the Costco website. This price is very generous compared to the typical cost of similar Kohler products, which can go for thousands of dollars online.

One review on the product page recommends it as a great addition to an upgraded, modern kitchen, as the accessories and the sink itself hold up well in terms of quality. Another review warns that it is not easy to clean due to the rack, and the extra-large cut-out required to carry this sink makes it difficult to find other similar-sized replacements.

More on custom-fit accessories

When it comes to functional custom-fit accessories for a sink, there are several options available, so you need to know what will be more helpful for your kitchen. A sink grid or bottom rack sits at the bottom of the sink to protect it from surface damage. A sink cutting board and sink colander save counter space and allow for quick, easy transfer of food to the sink. An over-the-sink drying rack is another accessory that provides a designated space for air-drying dishes and utensils.

You can have other accessories like a caddy to hold sponges and cleaning tools or a soap dispenser so no bottles have to sit on the countertop. These accessories can greatly improve the functionality and organization of your sink area, making daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Just ensure you get the right dimensions and configuration when choosing custom-fit accessories for your sink for a smooth installation.