Storing Paint In The Garage Is A Big Mistake – Here's Why

Picture this: You want to do a makeover in an area of your home and remember you have some leftover paint in your garage from the last time you did a few touch-ups; after all, has anyone ever done a painting project at home and actually finished the entire paint can? However, you're left discouraged after opening it and seeing your paint all spoiled or dry. We've all been there; thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from happening.

Although paint cans can last up to five years when stored correctly, the paint formula can spoil easily when stored in garage areas. The ever-changing temperature conditions of a garage make this place the worst place to store paint cans. The paint formula is made to work in stable conditions, so extreme heat and cold will hinder its stability in no time. We'll show you why using the garage to store your paint cans is a terrible idea and how to keep them properly for later use.

Why is it wrong to store paint in your garage

Storing your leftover paint cans in the garage is a bad call; as garages usually don't have heating or cooling elements, they get extremely hot during the summer and extremely cold during the winter. These extreme temperatures put at risk the stability of the paint formula, making the paint separate, curdle, dry out, or rot inside the can. In addition, as metal cans start to rust due to extra moisture in the air, the paint inside will also get compromised regardless of being a new and sealed or an already-opened can.

After all, manufacturers create formulas to behave in specific environmental conditions for paints to glide smoothly on any surface. But the paint can split when the conditions are off and become unsafe. To avoid this, always check for recommended storage temperature specifications given by manufacturers. However, if the paint is already spoiled, get rid of it accordingly and buy a new can before starting your home project.

How to store your paint cans the right way

There are a few things to consider to store paint cans properly. It is best to store paint cans in a place that's always cool, dry, and preferably away from the sun. Indoor closets or basements are great options to keep your paint leftovers for a long time.

Now that you have the perfect place to keep paint cans, there are additional steps to follow. First, thoroughly clean the rim of the can to ensure the lid will close tightly. Take off all the paint around the rim of the can and lid for a proper, trustworthy seal. This will keep the paint formula in good condition for later use.

Then, put a piece of plastic between the lid and the can to make sure the seal is airtight. Now, place the lid over the can and secure it with a rubber mallet instead of a hammer, as hammers can damage the can and risk the seal's tightness.

Finally, place the paint can upside down and store it away. By doing this, the weight of the paint against the plastic-covered lid ensures the seal will remain tight for longer. As you get good at doing this, you'll be surprised at how much money you save just by using your old stored paint for projects. Taking care of paint leftovers is not only a money-saving strategy; it'll also motivate you to take on little projects here and there around the house.