Justo Alvarez

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Bogota, Colombia
University Of Zulia
Home Renovation, Architecture, Permaculture
  • Before he started writing as a freelancer, Justo worked as a 3D artist for various architecture firms and designed renovation projects for small clients in Venezuela.
  • After moving from his home country to Colombia, Justo learned that less is more when making a space come alive, whether you change some cushions for a pop of color or get some house plants for a bit of freshness.
  • Justo likes gardening, and after lots of reading, he turned his childhood house's patio from an almost abandoned space into a permaculture-focused project, where bananas, mangos, soursops, and even coconuts still grow.


Justo has been a professional writer since 2016. From then on, he has written about almost everything, from celebrity news and SEO-focused pieces for landing pages to video game-related articles, product reviews, and even templates for Canva's Argentina, Colombia, and Spain markets. His passion for home renovating, his degree, and his love for writing brought him to House Digest.


Justo graduated from the University of Zulia with a degree in architectural design.
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