Nate Berkus' Unexpected Favorite Places To Hang Artwork In His Home

Displaying your favorite piece of art around the home can be an incredible way to decorate your space, show off your eclectic style, and add some uniqueness to your living quarters. If you want your art to stand out among the rest of your décor, it helps to hang it in more distinct areas of your home. Don't feel obligated to stick your trendy wall art above the mantle of a fireplace or centered perfectly above your bed frame; instead, think of new quirky spots so that your artwork can truly pop. Award-winning interior designer Nate Berkus knows a thing or two about how to set up a room for optimal visual impact, and in an interview with MyDomaine, Berkus let readers know his favorite places to display his artwork at home.

"Hanging things in your home is a deeply personal exercise, almost as personal as what color to paint the walls," he told the publication, "I've always loved the impact of hanging something unexpected in places that are often overlooked. I've always been more comfortable having less, and better things than more." With this, he shared that placing artwork as accents at the back of a hallway, inside smaller restrooms, or along the walls of a stairwell can add some much-needed impact to otherwise unutilized spaces. "It's the idea of turning a corner and seeing something unexpected," he said. Let's take a look at other showcase areas of the home that could greatly benefit your personal art collection.

Where to place your artwork around the home so that it stands out

If you're bored with the typical living room picture gallery wall, then it can pay off to think in a different frame of mind. For instance, instead of just haphazardly hanging your large art pieces on any old surface, think about simply leaning them against a wall space. The lean approach allows the viewer to look at the piece from a whole new angle instead of at the usual gallery wall eye level and also gives the artwork more dimension in its new viewing area.

Bookshelves and wainscoting are also great places to put your art pieces. Incorporating art with literature gives a unique perspective as well as distinction depending on the pieces you are showcasing. While placed on wainscoting, you could pepper in some lovely houseplants to stand alongside your art. Natural elements that have either complementing or contrasting colors to your artwork can help them to stand out among the rest of your décor. It's also important to note that artwork doesn't have to be labeled as just canvas paintings. Light fixtures such as vintage Tiffany-style ceiling lights can have just as dramatic an impact as a brightly colored canvas. Retro furniture can also act as art you can lounge on. When it comes to your home, it can help to be as creative in your placement as the art itself.