The Plastic Wrap Hack That Will Make Unpacking After A Move Go So Much Faster

As a renter or homeowner, moving is easily one of the most annoying things you have to do. No matter how much preparation you do for the big day, it somehow ends up taking twice as long as you expected. From packing to loading and unloading the U-Haul to unpacking, moving really is the worst. Thankfully, there is a way to make packing and unpacking go much faster. Introducing the plastic wrap hack — your new best friend.

When you're packing for your move, instead of emptying your drawers, simply wrap your furniture using plastic wrap. Not only does it protect your dresser, but it keeps your clothes from falling out. Plastic wrap is surprisingly strong and cost-effective compared to other packaging alternatives. Now you don't have to spend hours putting your clothes into boxes; just leave them where they are and proceed with the move. This is a great hack for your desk or makeup drawers as well. Remember, the less you have to pack, the less you have to unpack.

Use it to pack utensils as well

Packing up utensils is another hassle no one has to deal with. You have to find the perfect box that isn't too big or too small for these kitchen essentials. This is where plastic wrap comes in. If you keep your forks, spoons, and knives in a utensil tray (if not, you should), all you need to do is wrap the entire tray in the plastic, and you're done. You've just saved yourself a ton of time, which you can dedicate to other things on your moving checklist.

Honestly, plastic wrap works for pretty much all of your packing needs. Use it for your mattress, your couch, and even your lamps. This will ensure your belongings make it from point A to point B without a scratch. Of course, it's important to use more protection (such as packing paper, newspaper, soft towels, or bubble wrap)for your delicate items, but overall, plastic wrap should do the trick.

Other uses for plastic wrap in the home

Have a clogged toilet that a plunger can't fix, or lost your plunger in the move? Before calling the plumber, try this plastic wrap hack. Take your plastic wrap and tightly cover the whole toilet bowl (this will prevent any overflows). Once it's covered, flush the toilet and watch how the plastic expands. As this happens, use the plunger to push down the pressure needed to unclog the pipes. Just by using plastic wrap, you saved not just your toilet but you also saved yourself about $100 by not calling the plumber.

If you regularly gasp at your heating bill or your new place is a bit drafty, plastic wrap can help lower the cost. You can use it to cover your windows, which keeps the heat trapped inside. This means you won't have to crank up the heat, significantly reducing your heating bill. First, cut a piece of plastic wrap that's larger than your window. Next, using double-sided tape, cover the perimeter of the window, then apply the plastic wrap. To ensure the plastic wrap will last, use a hairdryer to seal everything.