Stay In The Iconic Barbie DreamHouse Airbnb This Summer

Dreams really do come true — especially when you dream in pink! If you're a fan of Barbie, you now have the opportunity to stay in the real-life Barbie Malibu DreamHouse, located in — where else?! — Malibu, California, per Airbnb. Situated along this iconic beachfront paradise, two guests have the chance to stay one night in "Ken's" bedroom. Relax in the infinity pool, groove to some tunes on the outdoor disco dance floor, and enjoy the sunset over the Pacific Ocean from one of the pink decks. This Airbnb listing opens the pink doors to the Barbie mansion for just two nights, July 21 and 22, 2023. These two opportunities to spend a night in the Malibu DreamHouse coincide with the release of the new "Barbie" movie on July 21. In order to plan your own pink adventure, guests need to be ready to make a reservation when the listing opens at 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET) on July 17.

Additionally, there are a few extra perks to make this vacation really special. A concierge will be onsite to introduce the DreamHouse to each guest as well as provide meals, and "Ken" will let you borrow his yellow-and-pink Impala skates and surfboard to enjoy during your stay and let you take them home after.

Welcome to the Kendom

On the Airbnb listing supposedly written by Ken, he explains that he's in charge while Barbie is away, and he provides some details about what to expect during the stay. "I've added a few touches to bring some much-needed Kenergy to the newly renovated and iconic Malibu DreamHouse," he wrote. In addition to the outdoor dining areas, there's a workout space overlooking the ocean and multiple lounge areas to appreciate the view. He adds, "I've decked out the place with a little more...well, me! I'm more than just beach! My cowboy stuff is great. And horses! Guitars, games, and more." His bedroom is furnished with cowboy gear and Western decor, including a life-sized toy horse (wearing a pink boa, of course).

The listing points out that these two one-night stays are not part of a contest but that this is a private home. It also mentions that in conjunction with the release of the "Barbie" movie, Airbnb plans to make a one-time donation to Save the Children. This gesture is to support girls' empowerment by offering help to communities in over 100 countries so they can do well in school and plan for a strong future.