The Best Plant Color To Repel Mosquitoes From Your Backyard

No one enjoys the pain and itchiness mosquito bites can cause. The red bumpy flare-ups take days to go away. While you try your best to prepare for possible mosquito interactions with bug repellent, sometimes it's not strong enough to keep them away. Mosquitoes are attracted to smells and a few colors, but decorating your backyard with lighter-colored plants is the key to a mosquito-free life. You'll enjoy the warm weather all day and night without worrying about having a fly swatter next to you to defend yourself from the blood-sucking bugs.

While mosquito bites go away after a week or two, some mosquitoes carry viruses that can be transferred through their bites. A few common mosquitoes that can spread germs are the Aedes species (Ae. aegypti), Culex species (Cx. pipiens, Cx. quinquefasciatus, Cx. tarsalis), and Anopheles species (An. quadrimaculatus and An. freeborni), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent. Even though you won't be able to tell which mosquito species is flying around your home, it's best to stay as safe as possible to prevent getting sick. They enjoy being around moist environments, so if you have a garden with a birdbath or any water features, they'll be ready to invade. However, planting lighter-colored plants will help repel mosquitoes.

Mix your favorite pastel flowers

Mosquitoes are easily attracted to warmer environments, which can be from warm weather or using dark colors because they retain heat.  Instead, use pastel colors, such as pink, yellow, lavender, and orange, to reduce heat retention. "Mosquitoes typically ignore white, green, and blue, which are common colors in nature," paint and color expert Goodell David of Paints Acrylic told Homes & Gardens.

There is a wide range of plant options to choose from that will drive mosquitoes away the second they enter your yard. For example, plant garden mums (Chrysanthemums) around any water features or outdoor furniture. They grow in large, rounded shrubs, so you'll only need a few. On the other hand, plant different types of flowers together. Pair your garden mums with snapdragons (Antirrhimun majus) for extra color. They grow long and tall in colors like orange, yellow, and pink, which contrast Garden mums perfectly. You can grow them sparingly around your backyard or in one area to create a lush green garden.

Incorporate potted pastel plants

If you have a smaller backyard with cement flooring, add a few potted plants around your space to drive away mosquitoes. Instead of planting seeds in a pot and waiting for them to grow, transplant already-grown flowers into your pot and place them around outdoor furniture. Situate a couple of pots next to each other or separate them along the border of your yard. For instance, the bearded iris flowers (Iris germanica) grow in yellow, orange, pink, and lavender hues, so transplant them into your favorite pot and place them near any outdoor seating.

Combine the bearded iris pots with yarrow (Achillea) plants to add extra pots to your backyard. Yarrow flowers grow in yellow, pink, violet, and lavender. They grow in a cluster of multiple tiny flowers, and their hues are incredibly bright, which will surely prevent mosquitoes from bothering you. Get creative with your plant placements; decide where you'll spend most of your lounging time, and make a small barrier to protect you from getting bit.